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  1. post-mank culture
    Dustin Hoffman to Play a Golden-Age Studio Exec in Some Non-Mank MovieIt’s Mr. Shaw Goes to Hollywood, actually.
  2. close reads
    What Was the Asian American Character Actor?For way too long, supporting roles were both the ceiling and a devil’s bargain.
  3. book excerpt
    Were Cary Grant and Randolph Scott Really Lovers?Many have speculated about this relationship. A new book about Grant looks at the evidence.
  4. old hollywood
    Courtney Love Has the Best Elizabeth Taylor StoriesThey all involve diamonds, naturally.
  5. classic hollywood
    8 of the Craziest Old-Hollywood Publicity StuntsIncluding shaving women’s heads in busy movie theaters and hiring lewd skywriters.
  6. old hollywood
    Where Were All the Pregnant Women in Classic Movies?In Old Hollywood movies, thanks to a conservative, male-generated Production Code, having a baby was an exercise in innuendo.
  7. old hollywood
    What Was the First Modern Nude Scene?For a very long time in Hollywood, it was impossible to show nudity onscreen. But by the early 1960s, a few stars were willing to test the nude taboo.
  8. old hollywood
    Gossiping About Katharine Hepburn and Humphrey Bogart With a Living LegendAngela Allen, the last surviving crew member of classics like The African Queen and The Third Man, dishes about her 50-plus years in Hollywood.
  9. podcasts
    You Must Remember This Is Back With Stories of Hollywood’s ‘Urban Legends’Karina Longworth previews the new season of her hit podcast about Hollywood’s forgotten history.
  10. The 10 Essential William Holden PerformancesIn time for what would be his 100th birthday, celebrate the classic Hollywood icon by watching his greatest work.
  11. Rose Marie on Telling Off Sexual Harassers in the 1950s and Tweeting“I said, ‘You son of a bitch, you couldn’t get it up if the flag went by!’”
  12. party reports
    Rita Moreno Says She Was Sexually Harassed by Legendary Studio Executive“You might think, ‘Jesus, you’re 85! Get over it, woman!’ You never get over something like that.”
  13. r.i.p.
    La Dolce Vita Star Anita Ekberg Dies at 83“The Iceberg.”
  14. tales from tinseltown
    Rachel Shukert on the 5 Things About Old Hollywood She Wants To ForgetSo that’s why Vivien Leigh always had her head thrown back in Gone With the Wind?
  15. old hollywood
    Why Does Hollywood Think America Likes Surfing?Because they like surfing.
  16. old hollywood
    Slideshow: Vintage Hollywood Studio StillsFrom the new book Hollywood Unseen, which showcases the portraits and “candid” photos that studios used for promotion.
  17. New Memoir to Reveal All Sorts of Sordid, Sexual Details About Old HollywoodNames dropped: Katharine Hepburn, Desi Arnaz, Cole Porter, and many more.
  18. Major Auction of Hollywood Treasures This WeekEverything from Marilyn Monroe’s engagement ring to Star Trek costumes.