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Old Jews Telling Jokes

  1. stage dive
    Theater Reviews: The Stage Dive Memorial Day RoundupFebruary House, The Common Pursuit, Old Jews Telling Jokes, Title and Deed and My Children! My Africa!
  2. The One About Old Jews on Broadway“OLD MAN: Doctor, I can’t pee. DOCTOR: Tell me, Mr. Moskowitz, how old are you? OLD MAN: I’m 94. DOCTOR: You’ve peed enough. Believe me: […]
  3. “So a Cardiologist, an Architect, and a Comedian Are at the Pearly […] Today’s episode of Old Jews Telling Jokes features Aaron Schechter (“a retired CPA whose client list once included David Frost, Monty Python, […]
  4. Old Jews Telling Jokes Getting a Spinoff Sitcom Web Series The Old Jews Telling Jokes series has been a great success, with over 200 episodes and a book under their belt. The next step? I can […]
  5. Old Jews Telling Jokes: Episode 200 Here’s the 200th episode of the wonderful Old Jews Telling Jokes series, which has a new book coming out as well. Watch the video, then come […]