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  1. Watch Kevin Hart Lip-sync Usher’s ‘OMG’He wore his drop-crotch sweats for the occasion.
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    The New Star Wars BB-8 Toy Is So Cute, I Nearly Lost My MindI may need to be committed to a mental institution after playing with the adorable little soccer-ball robot.
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    Harry Styles Dishes Details on Zayn MalikSorry, 1D fans: Styles says the band’s doing great without Zayn.
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    Let’s Relive Empire’s Perfect OMG MomentYes, it’s Lucious’s big moment. 
  5. monday morning movie club
    What Was Fast & Furious 6’s Craziest Moment?We run through some of our favorites.
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    Morgan Spurlock’s Directing One Direction’s 3D Concert FilmDirected by Morgan Spurlock, of course.
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    Join the Usher–Homer Simpson Plagiarism DebateDecide for yourself.
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    Daughters of Lil Wayne and T.I. Form Adorable New Teen-Pop GroupTheir first single: not that bad!
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    The Internet: A Bad Idea After AllIn a “Shouts and Murmurs” piece in today’s ‘New Yorker,’ Woody Allen uses the acronym “O.M.G.”
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    ‘How I Met Your Mother’: It’s Britney OMG It’s BritneyA multitude of clips from Britney Spears’s performance on Monday’s How I Met Your Mother suggest that she might be … not bad!