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    Unaired 2018 Black-ish Episode About Trump Is Now on HuluIt was originally scrapped by ABC due to “creative differences.”
  2. on comedy
    Phoebe Waller-Bridge Cut Abortion Jokes From Her SNL MonologueShe wanted to include “much harder jokes about America.”
  3. on comedy
    Lilly Singh Reaches Her Late-Night Rite of Passage: Joke Apology!It involved turbans and Jessica Alba’s daughters.
  4. on comedy
    Presidential Candidate Andrew Yang Thinks Shane Gillis Shouldn’t Lose SNL JobWill the other Democrats weigh in?
  5. on comedy
    Seth Rogen Has Been Waiting a Lifetime for Adam Sandler to Roast Him“Holy shit what an insane honor.”
  6. last night on late night
    You and Your Salad Are Going to Love Emma Stone’s SNL Gay Porn Tour de ForceThere are no small roles, only small adult film actresses.
  7. on comedy
    Stephen Colbert Fondly Recalls His ‘Terrible’ Late Show Start“My biggest fear was that people wouldn’t come back.”
  8. on comedy
    Here’s a Gloomy SNL Memory, Compliments of John Mulaney and Seth Meyers“People were excellent at passive aggression.”
  9. on comedy
    Amy Schumer Forced to Cancel Comedy Tour Due to Ongoing Pregnancy Complications“I hate letting people down and I love stand-up and money!”
  10. on comedy
    Pete Davidson’s Stand-Up Sets Are All About ‘Sick Genius’ Ariana GrandeAnd his penis.
  11. on comedy
    Andy Samberg’s SNL Hiring Came on the Condition He Would Get a Haircut, and FastStudio 8H is a no-flop zone.
  12. on comedy
    How Robert De Niro’s Soon-to-Be Ex Helped Him Land His SNL Gig“I said, ‘What can I play on SNL?’ Because I love SNL.”
  13. on comedy
    Steve Carell’s Most Famous, Most Lamp-iest Anchorman Quote Was Improvised14 years later, we get the story.
  14. on comedy
    The Who Is America? Segment Sacha Baron Cohen Deemed ‘Too Dark and Wrong’ to Air“We immediately turned over the footage to the FBI.”
  15. on comedy
    Nick Kroll Wishes Kroll Show Got Inside Amy Schumer-Level Fame“I’m probably more competitive than I’d like to admit.”
  16. on comedy
    How John Oliver and Last Week Tonight Choose What Stories to CoverAs revealed during Oliver’s appearance on Scott Rogowsky’s live comedy talk show.
  17. on comedy
    Pete Davidson’s SNL Sketch About Ariana Grande Has Reportedly Been CutWas it her pissed off tweets?
  18. I Tried Auditioning for an Improv TroupeWhat does it take to make it into an acclaimed improv team in New York? To find out, I auditioned for a troupe at the PIT.
  19. on comedy
    How Donald Trump Broke Kenan Thompson’s Cardinal SNL RuleNo, it wasn’t being a general asshole.
  20. on comedy
    Sarah Silverman Helped Louis C.K.’s Daughter Understand His ‘Bad’ Decisions“It was a small silver lining in a very bleak story.”
  21. on comedy
    Colin Jost and Michael Che Have Zero Intention of Making the Emmys Political“It’ll probably be #HeToo by then.”
  22. on comedy
    Comics Confront YouTuber Booed Off Stage at Just For LaughsYou might really like SNL’s Chris Redd when he’s angry.
  23. on comedy
    How a Comedian Managed to Impersonate a Senator and Talk With President Trump“I think I did Donald Trump a service by exposing how inadequate his screening staff is,” John Melendez explained.
  24. on comedy
    Judd Apatow Believes Roseanne Is Crying Out for Help As Opposed to Being Hateful“I’ve never heard her say anything that was racist in decades.”
  25. on comedy
    Michelle Wolf Mocks ‘Ugly’ Personality of Sarah Huckabee Sanders“She has the Mario Batali of personalities.”
  26. on comedy
    Every SNL Opening Monologue This Season, Ranked by the Backing Band’s ReactionsThe stand-up format is a mixed bag.
  27. on comedy
    Andy Samberg and the Brooklyn Nine-Nine Cast Choose Their Favorite Cold OpensThat Dianne Wiest cold open might be the winner.
  28. on comedy
    Tina Fey Calls Out David Letterman for Lack of Female Late Show Writers“That is my ignorance, and I feel bad for that,” Letterman said.
  29. on comedy
    Michelle Wolf’s Jokes Discomfited the Correspondents’ Association President“Some of them made me uncomfortable.”
  30. on comedy
    Sarah Huckabee Sanders and Most Memorable Reactions From Correspondents’ DinnerSome people are … quite unhappy.
  31. on comedy
    Donald Trump Really Wants This Person to Be the Next Correspondents’ Dinner HostHe also said Michelle Wolf “bombed” during her set.
  32. on comedy
    Michelle Wolf Is Already Defending Her Sarah Huckabee Sanders JokesFrom the White House Correspondents’ Dinner.
  33. on comedy
    Kathy Griffin Tries Political Satire Again With Kellyanne Conway ImpressionDefinitely not an alternative fact.
  34. on comedy
    Terry Gilliam Thinks Donald Trump Is Way More Absurd Than Monty Python“The reality is funnier than anything one can do.”
  35. on comedy
    Mike Schur Solidifies His ‘King of NBC Comedy’ Status With Two More PilotsWhen does this man have time to sleep?
  36. on comedy
    Donald Trump Tried and Failed to Improvise During His SNL Hosting GigA former cast member says “his sense of humor is definitely skewed.”
  37. on comedy
    The Original Version of Anchorman Was a Bizarre Mountain Survival TaleWith murderous orangutans.
  38. on comedy
    Alec Baldwin Defends Kathy Griffin Amid ‘Senile Idiot’ Trump Photo Controversy“Ignore him.”
  39. on comedy
    Tig Notaro Not Happy About Louis C.K.’s SNL Sketch Being Similiar to Her Film“It has been impossible for me to ignore.”
  40. on comedy
    Melissa McCarthy Says Her Sean Spicer Impression Boils Down to One Special ThingYou’ll see what she means.
  41. on comedy
    Sean Spicer, Beware: Melissa McCarthy Is Watching You and Taking Notes“I just squirrel away notes.”
  42. on comedy
    Dave Chappelle Was ‘Really Worried’ About Hosting SNL After Trump Was Elected“I saw people tear up sketches they were writing.”
  43. on comedy
    Amy Schumer Slams Journalists Who Cover Alt-Right Trolls: ‘Do Better’“I am only alarmed by the people printing their organized trolling as ‘news.’”
  44. on comedy
    Former SNL Star Noël Wells Has Harsh Words for Its ‘Comedy Dinosaurs’SNL has become what it was always trying to make fun of.”
  45. on comedy
    Sean Spicer Joked About His Saturday Night Live Impression at a Press BriefingSo Spicey!
  46. on comedy
    Jake Tapper Has a One-Word Response to That SNL Kellyanne Conway SketchHe doesn’t like it! Or does he?!
  47. on comedy
    Rosie O’Donnell Won’t Be Playing Steve Bannon on SNLSo who will it inevitably be, then?
  48. on comedy
    Larry Wilmore: ‘Huge Opportunity’ for a Comedian to Host Correspondents’ Dinner“My goodness, this would be the year to absolutely take that [invite] if you were asked.”
  49. on comedy
    John Oliver Has Nothing But ‘Contempt’ for White House Correspondents’ DinnerMaybe don’t ask him to host.
  50. on comedy
    South Park’s Creators Don’t Know How to Approach Satire in the Age of Trump“Satire has become reality.”
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