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On Set Photos

  1. on set photos
    Is the Black Panther Cast the Sexiest in the Marvel Universe?Angela Bassett in white locs! Chadwick Boseman and Michael B. Jordan staring each other down!
  2. on set photos
    Rihanna and Sarah Paulson Film Ocean’s EightBad wig alert.
  3. on set photos
    Thor: Ragnarok Set Photos Hint at Doctor Strange Run-inPlus some fun fake New York newspapers.
  4. on set photos
    Good News! In Lupita Nyong’o’s New Movie, You Can See Her Actual FaceShe plays the mother of a Ugandan chess prodigy in The Queen of Katwe.
  5. on set photos
    Gaze at the Cars From David Simon’s New PilotMove over, Starsky & Hutch.
  6. on set photos
    Here’s Our First Look at Black Panther’s CostumeThey got the color right, at least!
  7. on set photos
    Are Mulder & Scully Kissing in These Set Photos?Plus: Joel McHale!
  8. on set photos
    Arya Stark Looks Very Mysterious on the Set of Doctor WhoThat hat!
  9. true detective season 2
    Here’s Where We Stand on True Detective Season 2 [Updated]It’s not just a meme!
  10. on set photos
    Benedict Cumberbatch Dresses Like Original Sherlock, Looks GreatSpoiler alert.
  11. on set photos
    First Look at Netflix’s Daredevil in His DaywearHello, Matt Murdock. You are blind.
  12. on set photos
    See New Photos of Hannah and Adam Together on the Next Season of GirlsLooks like the lovebirds are working things out.
  13. on set photos
    See Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence in Period GarbFrom Susanne Bier’s Serena.
  14. on set photos
    See Stevie Nicks on the Set of American Horror Story: CovenSo. Many. Feelings.