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Once Upon A Time In Shaolin

  1. behind the scenes
    The (Presumably) True Story Behind Martin Shkreli and That Wu-Tang AlbumCyrus Bozorgmehr’s new book, Once Upon a Time in Shaolin, purports to tell the untold tale of the whole strange episode.
  2. conspiracy theory
    Is Wu-Tang Clan’s Once Upon a Time in Shaolin Cursed?Probably.
  3. rich bastards
    The Most-Hated Man in Pharmaceuticals Owns That $2 Million Wu-Tang AlbumShkreli recently drew outrage for charging $750 per pill for the AIDS drug Daraprim.
  4. things that are expensive
    Someone Bought That Insane Wu-Tang Double AlbumThe amount has not been disclosed, but it’s “in the millions,” according to the auction house.
  5. yawn
    This Wu-Tang Album Is Beginning to Bug PeopleEven Method Man, patron saint of patience, is kinda over it.