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  1. casting call
    Harry Styles in Talks for The Little Mermaid’s Prince Eric, Isn’t That Neat?He might kiss the girl.
  2. fandom
    Louis Tomlinson on Shocking Euphoria Fanfic Scene: ‘I Was Not Contacted’No, not the one with 30 penises.
  3. last night on late night
    One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson Is Restarting His Solo CareerBe on the lookout for more music, more frequently.
  4. friendship timelines
    A Timeline of Stevie Nicks and Her ‘Love Child’ Harry Styles’s FriendshipWe’ll relive their Rock and Roll Hall of Fame moments forever.
  5. behind the scenes
    A Movie Based on Harry Styles Fanfic Managed Not to Include Harry Styles at AllAnna Todd’s After made millions in its opening weekend. Here’s the messy story of how an X-rated teen-romance blog made it to the silver screen.
  6. trailer mix
    The Next Fifty Shades Started as Harry Styles FanficWhat if Harry Styles went to college in America and loved kissing and hated wearing a shirt?
  7. zayn
    What’s Up With Zayn’s Solo Career?After he left One Direction, Zayn Malik seemed like he was gearing up for a major solo career … and then it didn’t really work. What happened?
  8. going solo
    Fifth Harmony: Who Will Win the Breakup?You’re the first band member to leave your pop group. How likely are you to have the most success, according to history?
  9. Niall Horan, the Heart of One Direction, Treads Water on FlickerThe heart of One Direction skews toward easy listening, but not in a good way.
  10. boy bands
    Your Guide to the 2017 Boy-Band RenaissanceAre any of these bands the next Backstreet Boys?
  11. five directions
    This Depressing Profile of Louis Tomlinson Will Make You Want to Give Him a HugHe was deemed “forgettable.”
  12. where's the beef?
    Liam Payne’s Solo Career Has Started With a One Direction Diss“You know I used to be in 1D, now I’m out free.”
  13. It’s Time to Take Harry Styles SeriouslyThe One Direction member deserves his time in the spotlight.
  14. right click
    Niall Horan’s New Song, ‘Slow Hands,’ Rivals Harry Styles’s Solo MusicThey’re both getting very good.
  15. the many directions of one direction
    Harry Styles’s Self-Titled Debut Solo Album Gets a Release DateHarry Styles shall give us Harry Styles on May 12.
  16. going solo
    Harry Styles’s Song ‘Sign of the Times’ Is Exactly What a Solo Debut Should BeIt’s the best direction yet.
  17. oh baby!
    One Direction’s Liam Payne Is a Father; See the First PhotoOh, baby!
  18. new tunes
    Listen to a Teaser of Harry Styles’s First Solo SingleHe’s legit teasing us at this point.
  19. unceremonious bootings
    One Direction’s Liam Payne Says His Band Was Booted From Trump Hotel by TrumpIf you want to stay in his hotel, you best be prepared to meet his daughter.
  20. the jukebox
    One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson Debuts Solo Song Days After His Mother’s DeathIt’s called “Just Hold On.”
  21. baby news
    A Probable 1D and Girls Aloud Baby Is ComingLiam Payne and Cheryl Cole are reportedly expecting.
  22. reunion fakeouts
    Niall Horan Is Still Trying to Make a One Direction Reunion HappenOr is it the British tabloids? We can’t be sure.
  23. going solo
    The First Solo Single From One Direction’s Niall Horan Is HereHe’s even signed a solo record deal.
  24. zayn malik
    Zayn Malik Gets Personal in New AutobiographyBut will there be One Direction gossip?!
  25. the industry
    Zayn Malik and Dick Wolf Are Developing a Boy-Band Drama for NBCIt’s called … wait for it … Boys.
  26. going solo
    Now One Direction’s Liam Payne Is Going Solo, TooSo many directions.
  27. the many directions of one direction
    Harry Styles Is Officially Going SoloHe signed a recording contract.
  28. right-click
    Liam Payne Links Up With Wiz Khalifa, Juicy J on Leaked ‘You’ Demo“Guess I need to guard my projects better.”
  29. album review
    Zayn Malik Is Still Figuring Himself Out on Mind of Mine A few elements strain for “edgy” but just come off as goofy and awkward.
  30. right-click
    Zayn Finally Drops ‘Befour,’ With a Helluva High Note for the HatersSaaaang.
  31. the industry
    One Direction Superfan Christopher Nolan Got Harry Styles for DunkirkIt will be the singer’s first film role.
  32. brits 2016
    Only Two One Direction Members Showed Up to the Brits; Call Them Two DirectionsWhat does it mean?
  33. last night on late night
    Watch Drake, Mumford, Rita Ora Read Mean TweetsAlso, Lionel Richie!
  34. billboard charts
    Zayn’s ‘Pillowtalk’ Makes Huge No. 1 DebutHe’s now in the same company as a Beatle.
  35. zayn v. zane
    Zayn Always Wanted to Leave One Direction“I kind of always wanted to go.”
  36. videology
    Watch One Direction’s Zayn-y ‘History’ Video“Without you here / Life is just a lie.”
  37. zayn malik
    Zayn Announces First New SingleComing to you January 29.
  38. boy bands
    Did One Direction Break Up for Good?Conflicting reports!
  39. skinny jeans
    One Direction to Appear on Family GuyWill Stewie replace Zayn?
  40. breakup blues
    Zayn Definitely Misses the One Direction Dudes, But He Does Not Miss Their Music“I guess certain phone numbers have changed.”
  41. boy-band forecast
    One Direction Are Over, Let 5 Seconds of Summer ReignThey’ve got different sounds, sure, but they connect with listeners in a similar way.
  42. last night on late night
    Bieber, 1D Sing Christmas Carols With CordenIt’s the most wonderful time!
  43. last night on late night
    One Direction Carpool Karaoke: This New Guy They Got to Replace Zayn Is GreatThanks, Late Late Show. Never change.
  44. Justin Bieber Can Probably Stop Posting About Selena Gomez NowSelena got ice-cold on Instagram.
  45. last night on late night
    James Corden Played Tattoo Roulette With 1DMission accomplished.
  46. one direction
    Quality Snooping Reveals Harry Styles Grabbing Jimmy Kimmel’s Butt Butts! Need we say more?
  47. billboard charts
    Justin Bieber Crushed One Direction for No. 1But 1D still had a huge week.
  48. last night on late night
    A Potato Joined One Direction on KimmelSorry, Louis.
  49. never have i ever
    One Direction Play ‘Never Have I Ever’ on EllenIt’s not the sign, Harry.
  50. thirsty
    Zayn Malik Sips Tang, is Too ‘Cool’ for One DirectionYou can’t party with your girl and listen to One Direction.
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