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  1. Comedy Central Cancels Both Sports Show with Norm MacDonald and Onion […]In the battle of the Comedy Central fake sports news shows, the winner is…nobody. The network has decided to axe both Sports Show with Norm […]
  2. Onion SportsDome Moving to 8pmJust an FYI, Onion SportsDome fans: Comedy Central has moved the show to 8pm Tuesdays, starting with tonight’s new episode, so adjust your […]
  3. Knicks Abduct Tony Parker Just Before NBA Kidnapping Deadline Here’s a peek at tomorrow night’s new episode of Onion SportsDome, in which our intrepid anchors discuss the recent kidnapping of Tont Parker […]
  4. Onion SportsDome’s Matt Oberg Talks to NPR About Mercilessly Mocking ESPNDid you catch the debut of Onion SportsDome the other night? It was absolutely hilarious, and the satire was so sharp I felt sympathy shame for […]
  5. The Advantage the Onion News Network Has Over The Daily Show and ColbertUSA Today has a nice, long profile of The Onion in advance of the premiere of the first of its two new TV shows tomorrow night, including […]
  6. I Am Pretty Damned Excited About Onion SportsDomeOnion SportsDome Here’s the first trailer for Onion SportsDome, one of two Onion shows coming to TV next month. This one is headed to Comedy […]
  7. All the Details of The Onion’s Two New TV ShowsThe Onion has two new shows coming next month, one on Comedy Central and one on IFC. The first to premiere will be Onion SportsDome on Comedy […]