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Only God Forgives

  1. Making Sense of Nicolas Winding Refn Post-DriveHe represents the opposite of franchise, Cinematic Universe filmmaking.
  2. year in culture 2013
    David Edelstein’s Worst Movies of 2013The Lone Ranger, obviously. And more.
  3. ah memories
    An A-to-Z Guide to What We Learned at This Summer’s MoviesSummer is dead. Long live summer movies!
  4. so long farewell
    We Will Miss You, Ryan GoslingA fond farewell to our favorite Carrier, who won’t be onscreen for a while.
  5. movie review
    Movie Review: Only God ForgivesRyan Gosling re-teams with Drive director Nicolas Winding Refn in this violent revenge melodrama.
  6. party chat
    Ryan Gosling Says the Worst Thing You Can Call Someone Is ‘Dumb Hipster’Of all the insults.
  7. cannes 2013
    Cannes: Ryan Gosling in the Bloody, Booed Only God ForgivesGosling’s Drive reteam with Nicolas Winding Refn gets off on the wrong foot.
  8. cannes 2013
    Vulture’s 10 Most Anticipated Films at CannesGosling! Swinton! Timberlake!
  9. cannes film festival 2013
    Coen Brothers, Alexander Payne, Steven Soderbergh Among Cannes CompetitorsSofia Coppola and James Franco face off in the undercard competition.
  10. trailer mix
    Only God Forgives Red-Band Trailer: Wanna Fight?It’s Ryan Gosling and Nicolas Winding’s second movie together.
  11. clickables
    Watch Gosling in a Teaser for Only God ForgivesIt’s moody and violent — you know, like Drive.
  12. See Ryan Gosling’s Jacked-Up Face on the Only God Forgives Movie PosterWatch out, whoever did this to him: Mobs of young women will be coming for you.
  13. only god forgives
    Ryan Gosling in Only God ForgivesWell, there’s no visible blood yet.