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Opening Credits

  1. last night on late night
    Watch the Cast of SNL Self-Quarantine in Updated Opening CreditsThey’re obviously working from home, too.
  2. special effects
    How The Politician Turned Ben Platt Into a Wooden MannequinIt took SFX, woodworking tools, and a 3-D full-body scan.
  3. roll clip!
    Crank Up the Piano and Watch the New Succession Season Two CreditsNow with new family footage.
  4. art du jour
    How The Twilight Zone Re-created a Timeless Opening Title Sequence for 2019The producers and composers behind the new revival break down how narration, imagery, and music was used to both honor and update an iconic opening.
  5. theme songs
    Why The Deuce Got a New Theme SongElvis Costello’s “This Year’s Girl” is a perfect fit for the HBO show.
  6. credit time!
    The Roseanne Reboot’s Opening Credits Are a Blast From the Midwest PastGreat camera work.
  7. roll clip!
    Star Trek: Discovery’s Opening Credits Look Like It Was Sketched by MichelangeloMay these images live long and prosper.
  8. game of thrones season 7
    Did You Catch the Changes to Game of Thrones’ Opening Credits?Hello, Oldtown!
  9. the vulture tv podcast
    The TV Theme Songs We Have to Sing Along to (and the Ones We Have to Skip)And the ones long enough you can get up to get a snack.
  10. anatomy of a scene
    Paolo Sorrentino Explains The Young Pope’s Opening CreditsThose paintings!
  11. first looks
    First Look at David Schwimmer’s Feed the BeastWe know you’re hankering to see Schwimmer in a new prestige drama.
  12. close reads
    What Outlander’s Credits Tell Us About Season TwoSay, could that lass be I? 
  13. i love the '80s
    The Simpsons Opening Credits Is One Massive ’80s OrgasmFrom the upcoming episode.
  14. shameless overanalysis
    The Walking Dead’s Opening Credits Had a Major OmissionSay it ain’t so!
  15. close reads
    What True Detective’s Credits Foreshadow About Season TwoParticularly as compared to season one’s titles.
  16. year in culture 2014
    The 10 Best TV Opening Credits of 2014Lots of moody imagery ahead.
  17. mash-ups
    Watch a Gilmore Girls/Twin Peaks Opening-Credits Mash-Up“Lead Me to Twin Peaks.”
  18. opening credits
    Watch AHS: Freak Show’s Scary Opening CreditsBalloon squeak.
  19. Which of These 5 Opening Credits Sequences Deserves an Emmy?In other words, who has the best credits?
  20. bring back riptide
    Watch Adam and Naomi Scott Talk Greatest EventMany adorable Jon Hamm anecdotes are told.
  21. wandering down this road that we call life
    Watch the Girl Meets World Opening CreditsA new era begins.
  22. opening credits
    32 TV Opening Credits Sequences With ‘And [Actor Name] As [Character Name]’A tribute to “And Jerry Mathers as the Beaver” and its ilk.
  23. The Opening Credit Sequence for ‘The Spoils of Babylon’ Is Amazing Here’s the opening sequence and theme song for IFC’s new epic miniseries parody The Spoils of Babylon, which premieres tomorrow night at […]
  24. opening credits
    Watch American Horror Story: Coven’s CreditsVoo-doo dolls, black cats, sacrificial rams — oh my!
  25. the golden state
    Watch Mad Men Reimagined As The O.C.California, California, here we come.
  26. opening credits
    Adam Scott Assesses, Trumps TV’s Greatest EventsWell, he admits that one (bloody) event might outrank it…
  27. clickables
    Watch Oz Great and Powerful’s Opening CreditsIt’s definitely one of the best parts of the movie.
  28. See Old-Timey Title Screens for New(-ish) MoviesWhat’s old is new again.
  29. downton abbey
    Watch Martin-Inspired Opening Credits to Downton Abbey“Damn, Dowager!”
  30. A Live Action Version of ‘Futurama’s’ Opening Sequence, Kind Of Futurama Get More: Comedy Central,Funny Videos,Funny TV Shows Sure this is cool, if not super cool but when I read “live action”, I […]
  31. star trek
    Watch a Cool, Animated Reinterpretation of the Original Star Trek IntroFar out!
  32. saturday night live
    Watch the Opening Credits for SNL in KoreaFunny people drinking!