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  1. origin stories
    A List of Every Part of Han Solo’s Backstory That Gets Explained in SoloFrom how he got his name to how he met Lando.
  2. origin stories
    How Truth or Dare Came From an Actual DareDirector Jeff Wadlow accepted the challenge of making a movie based on nothing but a title.
  3. origin stories
    Star Wars Logo Designer Discusses Its Nazi RootsGeorge Lucas asked for something “intimidating.”
  4. origin stories
    Chance the Rapper Was Cursed by His Grandma, But in the Good WayThe prayer that forged a modern superhero.
  5. captain america civil war
    Civil War Smartly Eschews Origin StoriesIf only more superhero movies followed its lead.
  6. ya novels
    A Pair of X-Files Origin Stories Are Coming to You in Book FormAgent of Chaos and Devil’s Advocate will follow Mulder and Scully as teens.
  7. the industry
    Emma Stone Might Be Disney’s Next Cruella de VilThe studio’s forthcoming live-action movie is slated to be an origin story.
  8. origin stories
    The Legacy of X-Men’s ‘Days of Future Past’The origins of a revolutionary story arc.
  9. origin stories
    Bryan Cranston, Witness to Human MiseryHe watched a man die in the street, at 71st Street and Central Park West.
  10. origin stories
    How Harvey Weinstein Learned to Be a BullyThe French taught him how.
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    Jon Hamm Wasn’t Always Don Draper, You KnowHe was one of Lorelei Gilmore’s gentleman callers on ‘The Gilmore Girls,’ too.
  12. origin stories
    Steve Martin and Paul Simon, the Act That Almost WasStupid creative differences, we curse thee!
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    Wilco’s New LP to Feature ‘Wilco (The Song)’We hope it’s as catchy as “Hey Hey, We’re the Monkees”!
  14. origin stories
    Joaquin Phoenix’s Rap Roots RevealedI’ll blow up your face like Louis Armstrong!
  15. origin stories
    So How Come David Fincher Got a Special Thanks in the Credits of Wall-E, Anyway?We hope it had nothing to do with the Old-Man Baby.