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Orlando Bloom

  1. alternate universe
    Orlando Bloom Is the Greatest SNL Host Who Never WasOh, what might have been.
  2. relationships
    Orlando Bloom Says Being With Katy Perry Is a ‘Mountain to Climb’Don’t be a perv; he meant emotionally.
  3. lord of the handsome men
    Orlando Bloom Says He’s Too Old to Reprise 3,000-Year-Old Lord of the Rings ElfHis face disagrees.
  4. sdcc 2019
    Orlando Bloom and Cara Delevingne Give Us ‘The Talk’ for Fairies#ConanCon is heating up.
  5. religion!
    Pope Francis Graced With Katy Perry’s PresenceAnd now for something completely different.
  6. casting couch
    Cara Delevingne Is Going From Modeling to Movies to TVDelevingne will play a fairy in an Amazon series.
  7. carnival row
    Orlando Bloom to Star in New ‘Fantasy-Noir’ Amazon Series Carnival RowIt’ll be his first time starring in a TV series.
  8. See the Trailer for Andy Samberg’s Cycling Mockumentary Tour de PharmacyIt premieres July 8 on HBO.
  9. lord of the rings
    LOTR Cast Stages a Suitably Dorky Reunion You have my knife, and my spoon, and my fork.
  10. trailer mix
    Watch Pirates of the Caribbean 5 Teaser TrailerThe ghosts (and viewers) will have to wait for another trailer to find Jack Sparrow.
  11. last night on late night
    Seth Rogen Picks His Favorite Penis: Orlando Bloom’s or Justin Bieber’s?“Orlando’s probably a bigger guy…”
  12. the industry
    Orlando Bloom Joins Samberg’s Tour de PharmacyHe’s part of a packed cast that also includes John Cena and Mike Tyson.
  13. awards season
    Watch Every Famous British Person Reenact the Best American Movie ScenesCumberbatch, Redmayne, Hiddleston, and more.
  14. movies
    Your Guide to the Indistinguishable British Dudes of the FallHere’s the truth about Luke Evans: His face is every other British face put together.
  15. beef
    The 6 Handsomest Photos of Orlando Bloom, Plus: The 6 Worst Justin Bieber Lyrics#TeamLegolas.
  16. beef
    Orlando Bloom Took a Swing at Justin Bieber After They Fought About Their Exes“What’s up, bitch?” said Bieber to Bloom. You can’t make this stuff up.
  17. party chat
    Orlando Bloom Suggests Elf-Dwarf Threesome for The Hobbit“Elf sex is Tantric.”
  18. trailer park
    Watch a New The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug TrailerNever underestimate the courage of hobbits.
  19. trailer mix
    Watch a New Trailer for The Hobbit 2Oh hey, Legolas. 
  20. stage dive
    Theater Reviews: Romeo and Juliet and Women or NothingPlus Ethan Coen’s Women or Nothing.
  21. trailer mix
    The Good Doctor Trailer: Orlando Bloom, Doctor of DoomHe’s got some very bad medicine.
  22. casting couch
    Djimon Hounsou and Orlando Bloom Will Team Up for ZuluBuddy-cop time.
  23. the star market
    The Star Market: With Three Musketeers, Can Orlando Bloom Fight His Way Onto the A-List?“Right now, he’s not even a stock; he’s a CD.”
  24. last night on late night
    Late Night: Thrifty Carey Mulligan Dances With SecretariatPlus: Orlando Bloom passed on his usual commando for the silky-smooth feel, and more, on our daily late-night roundup.
  25. trailer mix
    Main Street Trailer: Drawls for Everyone“Auntie, who did you rent your warehouse to?” What?
  26. the industry
    Industry Roundup: Farrell, Waltz, Jovovich, BloomPlus: Christina Aguilera to tour this summer.
  27. pirates of the caribbean 4
    Depp: Knightley and Bloom Won’t Be Back for Pirates 4The film will present “a totally new take,” he says
  28. the industry
    Orlando Bloom Gets Creepy With His PatientPlus: Greg Kinnear! Elton John! Olivia Wilde!
  29. the industry
    Uma Thurman and Pierce Brosnan Ascend to Mount OlympusPlus: Rashida Jones, screenwriter.
  30. the industry
    Richard Gere Gets Back to Work; Dalai Lama Secretly PleasedPlus: They’re remaking ‘Le Cercle Rouge’? With Orlando Bloom?
  31. the industry
    Seems Like Everyone Loves New York Except Woody AllenA whole constellation of acting and directing talent turns out for ‘New York, I Love You.’
  32. the industry
    Peter Berg Packs His Bags for ArrakisPlus: Who’s replacing Orlando Bloom?
  33. quote machine
    Patton Oswalt Likens Self to Prisoners of the War on TerrorPlus Orlando Bloom, Chantal Kreviazuk and Aaron Eckhart!
  34. the industry
    Dust Off Your Elvish: Orlando Bloom to London Stage