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Oscar Bait

  1. oscar bait?
    The Rock To Become a Dramatic Leading Man In Biopic About MMA Fighter Mark KerrWe’re pretty sure he can get into the right shape for an MMA fighter.
  2. last night on late night
    For Your Consideration, SNL Presents Chance the Rapper in Space MistakesPobody’s nerfect, and in outer space, that could cost you your life.
  3. oscar bait
    Spielberg, Oprah, Quincy Jones to Produce Film Version of Color Purple MusicalSomeone get Cynthia Erivo on the phone.
  4. oscar bait
    New Aladdin Will Have Songs From Greatest Showman and La La Land Writing DuoThe pair won Best Original Song for “City of Stars” last year.
  5. oscar bait
    Give Emma Watson an Oscar for Keeping a Straight Face in Beauty and the BeastIt takes extraordinary talent not to laugh.
  6. last night on late night
    Late Night Will See Your Manchester by the Sea and Raise You Oscar Bait the FilmYou got your racial tension in my latent homosexuality! You’ve got your latent homosexuality in my racial tension!
  7. dialogues
    Is There Even Such a Thing As ‘Oscar Bait’?Two Vulture editors debate whether it’s a helpful designation, or just a way of not seeing a movie.
  8. ballsy publicity stunts
    20 Feet From Stardom Stars to Sing at Rose BowlHuh. Looks like we’re watching the Rose Bowl.
  9. oscar bait
    Where Are the Serious Movies About Non-Suffering Black People?The relentless violence and subjugation depicted in movies about the black experience is exhausting and no longer breaks new ground.