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Oscar De La Renta

  1. the daily fey
    Watch the ‘30 Rock’ Season Premiere RIGHT NOWSeriously, you can watch it right here.
  2. quote machine
    Nicolas Cage Totally Ready to PartyPlus: Dan Castellaneta!
  3. news reel
    Finally, Ellen Page Will Become a Teenage Lesbian WerewolfEllen Page’s sudden success is getting a long-gestating project off the ground.
  4. agenda
    Lego Star Wars set compiles the prequel-beating games.Lucas Arts based a few retro video games around plastic blocks — and the Lego Star Wars franchise became one of the best-selling ideas in the gaming industry.
  5. news reel
    J.J. Abrams’s ‘Cloverfield’: Okay, Maybe There Are RaptorsAin’t it Cool News has purported new plot details from J.J. Abrams’s Cloverfield (or Monstrous or 1-18-08 or Overnight or whatever it’s called) which seem to corroborate what we told you last week about the movie featuring — in addition to the big monster— multiple smaller raptorlike ones.
  6. the take
    Paul Dergarabedian Watch: The $4 Billion SummerYesterday, the summer of 2007 made box-office history, passing the $4 billion mark to become the highest-grossing summer movie season of all time. And no one was more excited than our friend, Paul D.
  7. countdown
    Emily Nussbaum on ‘The Sopranos’: How David Chase Is Like Philip Roth