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Oscars 2010

  1. beefs
    Cher Hate-Tweets About Burlesque’s Oscar Snub“Maybe she would have had a better chance if someone else was singing it ?!! IT JUST CANT B HER SONG I”
  2. missed opportunities
    Alec Baldwin: We Had Planned a ‘Saltier’ Oscars“There were a lot of good jokes we had in there that they wanted to tone down.”
  3. jackman
    Hugh Jackman on His Oscar Party, His Role in Lee Daniels’s Selma, and Getting Naked in Acting Class“And I just dropped my pants and took off my shirt.”
  4. movies
    A Crazed Sandra Bullock Fan Loses His Mind After Her Oscar Win“Aaaahhhhhh!!!!”
  5. that's infotainment!
    ‘Babble On’: It’s Oscar Night and the Infotainment’s RightDid Chris Rock goose Gabourey Sidibe? Was Hilary Swank actually wearing a dress at all? Are stars the best ever?
  6. kudos
    Somebody From The Hurt Locker Probably Should Have Thanked Critics at the OscarsBigelow and Co. thanked everybody in their Oscar speeches except for, amazingly, the one group that proved most key in their awards-season success.
  7. chat room
    Sherri Shepherd on her nixed red-carpet Lautner questions’The View’ co-host talks about her pre-Oscar show gig, watching ladies in gowns run in the rain, and hitting on George Clooney.
  8. chat room
    The Oscar-Winning, Married Hurt Locker EditorsThe husband-and-wife duo talk to us about attending the Oscars as non-stars, learning to walk the red carpet, and keeping it together during an acceptance speech.
  9. the industry
    What’s an Oscar Worth? It Depends on Your ContractChristoph Waltz got nothing from the Weinsteins, but his next studio paid up for his Best Supporting Actor win.
  10. modern family
    Behind the Modern Family Oscar AdCreator Christopher Lloyd tells us the story of last night’s only entertaining commercial.
  11. decent proposals
    Why Not Expand the Oscar Acting Categories, Too?Oh, it’ll cheapen the Oscars, you might say. To which we reply: too late!
  12. churls
    Sean Penn Ditches Sandra Bullock Backstage; Forest Whitaker Comes to Her Rescue“Sean, what do I do now?”
  13. semiotics
    Kathryn Bigelow, It Is Time to Release Your Student Film Starring Gary BuseyWe want to see it so bad.
  14. kudos
    Oscar Ratings: Up!Next year, twenty Best Picture nominees!
  15. The Real Groundbreaking Thing About Hurt Locker’s WinIt won without a real campaign.
  16. jason reitman
    Nice ShadesWe were considering writing a thing about how ‘Up in the Air’ lost the Oscar for Best Adapted Screenplay last night because of Jason Reitman’s noxious public persona …
  17. omissions
    Farrah Fawcett: Robbed or Not Robbed?She was in ‘Cannonball Run,’ Academy!
  18. math
    Were These the Most Boring Oscars Ever?A Vulture investigation!
  19. tuxedo horror
    A Hurt Locker Writer’s Tuxedo Horror“One day, in a pinch, he tried to wash and iron the shirt himself.”
  20. Jeff Bridges’s Acceptance Speech: Just the Wacky PartsSee the video!
  21. kanye
    Turns Out Those Two Doc Short Winners Hate Each OtherWhat was up with that lady who Kanye-d the Oscar winner?
  22. kudos
    What the Hell Was Sean Penn Talking About Last Night?His ex-wife, we think?
  23. Oscarcast Review: Great Results, Dull ShowIf you’ve seen the Oscars in the past 81 years, you knew what you were gonna get.
  24. Watch Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin’s Best Oscar MomentsIn anyone’s else’s hands, this material would have died like the Oscar chances of ‘The Lovely Bones.’
  25. Your Vulture Oscar Pool Tiebreaker ResultsHow many ‘Avatar’ jokes were there? How many audience shots of Sandra Bullock?
  26. new york fugging city
    Fug Girls: Red Carpet Hits and Misses at the OscarsNow that we know who won the awards, on to the more important question: Who ruled the red carpet?
  27. kudos
    The Oscars: Your Complete List of WinnersAs anticipated, tonight’s top Oscars were awarded to a bunch of front-runners. But who were they?
  28. kudos
    Vulture Live-Blogs the OscarsDan Kois and Lane Brown will be your hosts for Vulture’s Oscar live-blog, so take a seat, fix a drink, and keep your cursor on your browser’s refresh button.
  29. razzies
    Bullock Edges Out Megan Fox and Miley Cyrus for Worst Actress RazzieShe could be first to win Oscar and Razzie in same year!
  30. new york fugging city
    Fug Girls: Live Blogging the Oscars Red CarpetOur play-by-play of the fashion parade.
  31. The Weinsteins Are Having a Tough Year, But They Still Know How to PartyEli Roth is tweezing in preparation for the big show.
  32. It Might Be Predictable, But the Oscar System WorkedJust the fact that everyone now knows who Christoph Waltz is means something has gone very right.
  33. chat room
    Secret of Kells Director on His Oscar Nod“We didn’t want that ‘Shrek’ kind of mentality.”
  34. movies
    Ranking the Best Picture Nominees by Their ReviewsNo. 1 may surprise you.
  35. announcements
    Vulture: Your One-Stop Blog for Oscar NightWe’ve got live-blogs! We’ve got slideshows!
  36. What Ever Happened to the Oscar Sweep?The days when one movie would gobble up all the major awards have gone the way of the economy.
  37. stragglers
    Will a High Number of Late-Voting Academy Members Hurt Locker?“A Price Waterhouse assistant told him this was the biggest final day haul of ballots in their history.”
  38. avatar
    A Serious Exploration of the Tantric Sex in AvatarTurns out James Cameron got Tantra right.
  39. e-fail
    Hurt Locker Producer Seems to Have an E-mail ProblemChartier’s e-mail to soldier filing lawsuit is even stranger than the now-infamous anti-’Avatar’ message.
  40. for recreational purposes only
    Vulture’s Fantasy Oscar OddsForget the winners — what about the speeches, the tuxes, the grudges, and the inexplicable gaffes? That’s where Vulture’s Oscar Odds come in.
  41. Presenting Vulture’s Official Oscar BallotPlus: fun tiebreakers!
  42. movies
    Oscar Cookies!Mmm, ‘District 9.’
  43. hmfic
    Cameron Okays Oscar skit, Indicates Sense of Humor“If they want to poke fun at ‘Avatar’ Sunday, that’s okay by me.”
  44. downers
    New York Times Warns Oscar-Nominated Actors: Don’t Get Too SmugWhich nominee from last year is hawking TV dinners?
  45. Fugs Red Carpet Watch: Kendrick vs. MulliganAfter seven months of gala outfits, which new starlet is likely to outshine the other at the Oscars?
  46. gambling
    Bridges and Bigelow Clear Favorites, Oddsmakers SayBest Picture race is too close to call! Exciting!
  47. in memoriam
    Who Will Anchor Oscar’s Death Montage?Remember, John Hughes will have his own tribute.
  48. Guide to the Oscar ShortsYour complete guide to these surprisingly popular — and tough to call — nominees.
  49. happy endings
    Oscar-Banned Hurt Locker Producer to Attend Way Better PartyOn the guest list: a dog with a beret!
  50. hazards
    Which Oscar Winner Will Do a Face-plant?“The stage will be raised higher, which means more steps to accept your awards.”
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