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Oscars 2013

  1. great trips in history
    Jennifer Lawrence Explains Her Famous Oscar Trip“I totally forgot because I was thinking about cake!”
  2. awards season
    12 Years, Her, Gravity Get PGA NominationsThese awards often mimic the Oscars.
  3. oscars 2013
    Oscars Producers Defend Seth MacFarlaneClassic boys who cry “satire.”
  4. chat room
    Paperman Creator John Kahrs on the OscarsThere’s Bradley Cooper! There’s De Niro!
  5. this week in jennifer lawrence
    This Week in Jennifer Lawrence Quotes: Oscar Edition!“I love Photoshop more than anything in the world!”
  6. oscars 2013
    There Are Three Types of Awards-Show Hosts. Which Kind Was Seth MacFarlane?And is there an ideal ratio of Song-and-Dance Man, Deadpan Wit, and Bomb-Thrower?
  7. champions
    Presenting Vulture’s 2013 Oscar Ballot WinnerOne reader just won $500. Congratulations, reader!
  8. it came true
    Anne Hathaway Practiced Her Oscar Speech Like CrazyTo be more likable.
  9. Seth MacFarlane Won’t Host the Oscars AgainSo that’s over.
  10. last night on late night
    Zooey Deschanel Thanks Fellow Klutz J. LawPlus: Quvenzhané Wallis with a dancing dog and her signature puppy purse, and more, on our daily late-night roundup.
  11. ratings
    Ratings: The Seth MacFarlane Oscars Skewed YoungOverall audience levels didn’t change much, but there was a big bump among those under 35.
  12. oscars 2013
    Vulture’s Behind-the-Scenes Party Timeline of Oscar WeekendWe spy on Quvenzhané Wallis, Quentin Tarantino, Jessica Chastain, and other famous people.
  13. oscars 2013
    Does the Academy Kinda Owe Brett Ratner an Apology Now?He got fired for his un-PC remarks, while Seth MacFarlane reveled in that sort of humor last night.
  14. oscars 2013
    Why Seth MacFarlane’s Misogyny MattersCome on, can’t you take a joke?
  15. frozen moments
    The Best Frozen Moments of the 2013 OscarsFrom Adele’s perfect face to the fantastic seating arrangement that had Jamie Foxx sitting behind Sally Field.
  16. all apologies
    The Onion Apologizes to Quvenzhané Wallis“No person should be subjected to such a senseless, humorless comment masquerading as satire.”
  17. clickables
    When Jennifer Lawrence Met Jack Nicholson“Is he still here?
  18. oscars 2013
    What Musicals Mean to the OscarsOld-time show tunes were everywhere in last night’s show.
  19. oscars 2013
    Watch the 2013 Oscars’ Envelope FrustrationsEven the impossibly cool Samuel L. Jackson had troubles.
  20. oscars 2013
    Jennifer Lawrence’s Fall: An All-Time Great Oscar MomentWe are not making fun.
  21. oscars 2013
    Obama Op Was Hired to Hype Silver LiningsWhen you want it this bad, you get someone who knows how to win. (But nobody’s perfect!)
  22. egots
    Adele Already Has Her EGOT Planned“Maybe I’ll do an HBO special like Beyoncé did.”
  23. streaming
    You Can Stream the Oscars on Monday MorningFor the first time.
  24. oscars 2013
    Adele, MVP Laugher Charlize, Renee Zellweger (?), and More Oscar GIFsPlus Quvenzhané Wallis, everyone’s favorite person.
  25. oscars 2013
    Sixteen Highs and Lows From the 2013 OscarsFrom Daniel Day-Lewis, yukster extraordinaire (high!) to the endless opening monologue (so very low).
  26. fugging it up
    The Fug Girls: Hits and Misses of the Oscar Red CarpetTwelve noteworthy outfits. Join the Fugs as they hand out their Oscar night superlatives.
  27. oscars 2013
    Watch Hugh Jackman Try to Rescue Jennifer LawrenceSuch a gentleman.
  28. kudos
    Your 2013 Oscar Winners ListDaniel Day-Lewis made history, and The Hunger Games is now toplined by an Oscar-winner.
  29. oscars 2013
    Men With Long Hair Having Best Oscars EverCongratulations, fellas.
  30. oscars 2013
    Here’s Seth MacFarlane’s Boob SongEnjoy?
  31. oscars 2013
    David Edelstein Live-Blogs the 2013 OscarsOur film critic gives his moment-by-moment take on every award, speech, and bit of banter.
  32. oscars 2013
    See All the Stars on the Oscars Red CarpetAn exhaustive gallery of all the fancy-pantsed (and gowned) stars of the big night.
  33. fugging it up
    The Fug Girls Live-Blog the 2013 Oscar Red CarpetDuck and cover, Hollywood!
  34. be our guest
    Watch the Oscars With Vulture!We’ve got Fug Girls dissecting the red carpet, David Edelstein live-blogging the ceremony, and your ballot will be judged in real time.
  35. oh canada!
    Ex-Canadian Ambassador Thinks Argo Doesn’t Give Canadians Enough CreditPoor Canada.
  36. oscars 2013
    Family of 9/11 Victim Demands Apology From Zero Dark Thirty Filmmakers A recording of flight attendant Betty Ong’s voice can be heard during the movie’s opening sequence.
  37. oscars 2013
    Oscar Frontrunners Campaigned in D.C., TooTwo films premiered there. And one launched a congressional hearing.
  38. oscars 2013
    Listen to Our Smash Recapper’s Oscar MedleyArgo set to the tune of “Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go?” Yes, please.
  39. hugs not drugs
    Photographic Proof That Bradley Cooper Is Hollywood’s Happiest HuggerHe has a Silver Hugging Playbook.
  40. oscars 2013
    Watch Part Two of ‘Rejected Pitches’ Oscars SpecialStarring Jon Voight, kind of.
  41. candor
    This Week in Jennifer Lawrence Quotes: Drinking, Décolletage, and Paparazzi“My breasts have a life of their own.”
  42. oscars 2013
    What to Expect From Seth MacFarlane As Oscar Host, Based on His Own WordsWe went through all of his interviews and tweets from the last few months to get a sense of what’s coming.
  43. oscars 2013
    Here’s the Full List of Oscar Presenters and PerformersJack Nicholson and Dustin Hoffman were added today.
  44. oscars 2013
    Four Oscar Campaign Tactics Consultants Swear Will Work (Unless They Don’t)“Does [campaigning] make a difference? Absolutely,” says one campaign consultant. “Can it make no difference at all? Absolutely.”
  45. oscars 2013
    Watch Vulture’s Les Misérables Awards-Show Pronunciation GuideListen to and read along with the many ways the film’s title was said at this year’s awards shows.
  46. oscars
    Learn Every Oscar Acceptance Speech Stat Imaginable A grad student has studied them all and created an easy to sort and kill-time-on site.
  47. oscars 2013
    See Fred Armisen As Amour Helmer Michael HanekeThey do not like that his movie’s in French.
  48. oscars 2013
    How Master D.P. Roger Deakins Got These 10 ShotsAnd he explains several stills from his iconic work with the Coen brothers.
  49. oscars 2013
    The Oscar Best Picture Nominees As Pie ChartsHow much of Argo is a mid-budget adult thriller versus how much of it is Mrs. Doubtfire?
  50. video
    Watch Oscar Nominees Repeat the Same StoriesWe get it, Hugh. You were on a water diet.
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