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Oscars 2015

  1. in conversation
    David Simon on Spotlight and the State of Media“It’s such a great movie, but again, for me it’s probably journalism porn.”
  2. movies
    9 Things to Know About the Beautiful James WhiteThe movie that brought Christopher Abbott and Ron Livingston to the New York Magazine elevator bank.
  3. David Simon on Spotlight and the State of Media“It’s such a great movie, but again, for me it’s probably journalism porn.”
  4. oscars 2015
    Bad Oscars Producers Probably Not Returning After Latest Bad OscarsCraig Zadan and Neil Meron produced the last three Academy Awards.
  5. oscars 2015
    Sean Penn Tells Oscars Critics ‘F*ck You,’ Which Will Probably Not Help“I’m surprised by the flagrant stupidity.”
  6. Terrence Howard Walks You Through His Weird Oscars Presentation: ‘I Choked!’“I choked!”
  7. oscars 2015
    Michael Keaton Sadly Puts Away His Oscars SpeechCongratulations, Eddie!
  8. oscars 2015
    The Oscar Ratings Are In, and They Don’t Look GoodThis is what happens when you don’t nominate The Lego Movie and Guardians of the Galaxy for lots of Oscars.
  9. servicey
    You Can Watch Oscar-Winning Documentary Citizenfour Tonight on HBOAnd you should
  10. oscars 2015
    Oprah Had the Best Oscars Ever*Cut to Oprah.*
  11. oscars 2015
    The Highs and Lows From the 2015 OscarsPlanned stuff? Not so good. Unplanned stuff? Pretty good!
  12. Who Was Left Out of the Oscars ‘In Memoriam’ Montage?Including Elaine Stritch and Richard Kiel.
  13. oscars 2015
    Graham Moore’s Oscars Speech Will Make You Cry“Stay weird, stay different.”
  14. oscars 2015
    Chris Pine Cries Through ‘Glory’ on Behalf of Us AllTears.
  15. oscars 2015
    Your Mom Loved Lady Gaga’s Sound of Music Tribute at the OscarsWith a surprise cameo from Julie Andrews!
  16. oh no he didn't
    Idina Menzel Gets Her Revenge on John Travolta at the OscarsVery uncomfortable chin-grabbing.
  17. oscars 2015
    See Common & John Legend’s Speech & PerformanceNot even Chris Pine could hold back his tears.
  18. oscars 2015
    Watch Emma Stone Gracefully Accept Her Lego OscarCongrats, girl!
  19. oscars 2015
    Don’t Worry, Everyone, Meryl Streep Is at the OscarsLove you, Meryl.
  20. oscars 2015
    Patricia Arquette’s Badass, Feminist Oscars Speech “It’s our time to have wage equality once and for all!”
  21. oscars 2015
    David Oyelowo’s So-So Hand Gesture Sums Up This Oscars Ceremony in a Single GIFMeh. 
  22. oscars 2015
    The Oscars’ ‘Everything Is Awesome’ Was So GreatThey gave Oprah a Lego Oscar!
  23. oscars 2015
    Ida’s Director Shows the Oscars Send-off Music Who’s BossHe was not having it.
  24. oscars 2015
    Your 2015 Oscar WinnersRefresh this page for updates!
  25. oscars 2015
    Neil Patrick Harris Calls Out Oprah for Being SuperrichDuh. 
  26. oscars 2015
    Watch NPH’s Oscars Opening MonologueWith Anna Kendrick and Jack Black.
  27. oscars 2015
    Benedict Cumberbatch Hams It Up During the Oscars Opening NumberGlug, glug. 
  28. oscars 2015
    Emma Stone Mauled Jennifer Aniston at the Oscars Red CarpetThis hug might not be 100 percent consensual.
  29. say cheese
    Well, Here’s a Weird Picture of Scarlett Johansson and John TravoltaHm.
  30. oscars 2015
    The Best Red-Carpet Looks From the 2015 OscarsJulianne Moore, Eddie Redmayne, and more A-list arrivals at Hollywood’s biggest night of the year.
  31. awards season
    Listen to Vulture’s Kyle Buchanan Talk Oscars on ‘The Frame’ PodcastAlongside interviews with Wes Anderson, Richard Linklater, Julianne Moore, and others.
  32. awards season
    Join Vulture for the 2015 Oscars!Starting Sunday at 6:00 p.m. EST.
  33. primer
    Everything We’ve Written About the 2015 Best Picture Oscar Nominees [Updated]Fun facts and reviews galore.
  34. vulture quiz
    Which One of These Things Has Not Won an Oscar?A quiz.
  35. oscars 2015
    Final Oscar Predictions: Birdman or Boyhood?But here they are anyway! Will it be Birdman or Boyhood?
  36. You’re Not Crazy: Oscar Movies Have Gotten More Oscar-y RecentlyAnd eight more Oscar facts we learned from talking to a sociologist.
  37. infographics
    The Oscar Best Picture Nominees As Pie ChartsHow much of Boyhood is mansplaining? How much of Theory of Everything is Lost? And more.
  38. oscars 2015
    Here’s Everything We Know About the Oscars [Updated]Who’s hosting, performing, presenting, and more.
  39. oscars 2015
    How Oscar Front-runner Birdman Suddenly SoaredAnd why everyone had written it off before it swept all the Guilds.
  40. oscars 2015
    9 Points of Interest From 2015’s Oscar Class PhotoWe’re a little confused by Marion Cotillard’s dress.
  41. party chat
    Julianne Moore Picks Her Favorite Oscar SnubShe has a lot to choose from.
  42. coming attractions
    Frozen Duo Writing a Song for Neil Patrick Harris to Sing at the OscarsSounds about right.
  43. oscars 2015
    So, Which Oscar Nominees Will Win?Here are our very early predictions.
  44. oscars 2015
    Oscars: Alejandro Iñárritu Is Proud, Very Cold“I’m just a little tropical banana man.”
  45. oscars 2015
    Selma: Where Did Its Oscar Campaign Go Wrong?A few theories.
  46. Pawel Pawlikowski on His Oscar-Nominated Ida“People run away when they hear you want to do it in black and white.”
  47. awards season
    Dick Pope on ‘Dick Poop’ Malarkey: You People Are WeirdosThe Oscar-nominated cinematographer discussed his brief moment of Twitter fame.
  48. oscars 2015
    Ethan Hawke Is Helping His Boyhood Kids Through Oscar Season“I’ve spent 30 years training for how to handle this, and it’s emotionally complex even for me.”
  49. oscars 2015
    Academy President Cheryl Boone Isaacs on Selma Snubs, Lack of DiversityWhat did she have to say about the Academy’s so-called diversity problem?
  50. oscars 2015
    Oscar Nominations: The Biggest Snubs and SurprisesSorry, Jennifer Aniston.
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