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  1. 2017, the Year Pop Culture’s Darkest Thought Experiments Came to Life“What if someone wildly underqualified got elected president?” “Is it possible to separate the art from the artist?”
  2. oscars 2016
    How to Watch This Year’s Oscars Winners OnlineA remarkable number of this year’s Oscar-winning films are already available to rent or stream.
  3. awards
    Oscars Foreign-Language Short List Snubs ElleBut nine other films did.
  4. beefin'
    Gary Oldman Comes for Spotlight’s Oscar WinIf anyone in that movie had worn a wig, Gary would be snatching it.
  5. oscars 2016
    Academy Members Protest Oscars’ Asian Jokes#OscarsSoOffensive.
  6. last night on late night
    Sacha Baron Cohen’s Ali G Crashed the OscarsThis is what #RelationshipGoals are all about.
  7. oscars 2016
    Jada Pinkett Smith Seems Pretty Chill About Chris Rock’s Petty Oscars Joke“It comes with the territory, sweetheart.”
  8. oscars 2016
    Asian Kid Didn’t Know What Oscars Joke Would Be“I did wonder, ‘Why all Asians?’”
  9. oscars 2016
    Mad Max’s Designer Doesn’t Care About Applause“People don’t have to clap for you; they don’t have to like the work.”
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    Remember, Tom McCarthy Also Directed The Cobbler“I love that movie. If you have four children and one of them’s wacky, you go, ‘Hey, he’s wacky, but I love that kid!’”
  11. oscars 2016
    Public Enemy Unhappy Oscars Used ‘Power’“The show can’t claim the blackness of Public Enemy’s message.”
  12. egots
    Your Post-Oscar EGOT WatchMark Rylance is one of three men who are now halfway to an EGOT. 
  13. worst moments of one's life
    Sam Smith ‘Hated Every Minute’ of Oscars Song“Singing was horrible.”
  14. oscars 2016
    The Awards Show Show: Answering 6 Big Oscars QuestionsIncluding looks at Sam Smith, Sylvester Stallone, and Ex Machina.
  15. Leo DiCaprio Not Keeping Great Track of Oscar It’s around here somewhere.
  16. the art of trolling
    Watch Stacey Dash Read Mean Tweets About Her Confusing Oscars Appearance“I was hoping there was a trap door on stage,” wrote one detractor.
  17. gaslighting
    Childrens Hospital Predicted the OscarsIf you were them, you would’ve won your Oscar pool.
  18. oscars 2016
    The 2016 Oscars Are on Track to Be the Third-Lowest-Rated Ceremony EverThe poorest showing since the year of No Country for Old Men.
  19. oscars 2016
    David Edelstein Looks Back on the Uneven But Memorable 2016 OscarsRock often spins out his conceits longer than he needs to, but he delivered formidable blows.
  20. oscars 2016
    The Best Oscar After-Party Photos of 2016Hey, Leonardo.
  21. oscars 2016
    The Best Frozen Moments From the 2016 OscarsFrom Leonardo DiCaprio to Rooney Mara to Jacob Tremblay.
  22. oscars 2016
    Iñárritu Hopes #OscarsSoBrown Isn’t Next“The debate is not only about black and white people.”
  23. overnights
    The Oscars 2016 Recap: Race to the FinishMark Rylance ruined every single Oscar pool in America.
  24. last night on late night
    Matt Damon Finally Got on Jimmy Kimmel Live by Hiding Inside Ben Affleck“That’s how he snuck into show business in the first place!”
  25. oscars 2016
    Watch Leonardo DiCaprio Get His Oscar Engraved“I have to maintain it?”
  26. oscars 2016
    The Highs and Lows From the 2016 OscarsWe see you, Stacey Dash and Lady Gaga. Ali G, however, we’d rather not see.
  27. oscars 2016
    How Spotlight Won at the Oscars (and Sylvester Stallone Didn’t)The signs were there all along.
  28. oscars 2016
    McKay: Political Comment at Oscars Had No Target“This is a right‑left movie, and we’ve got to stop, man. Big money is taking over our government, and until right and left goes, no more big money.”
  29. oscars 2016
    Leonardo DiCaprio Wins His First Oscar for Best Actor in The RevenantNo one is prouder than Kate Winslet.
  30. oscars 2016
    Watch Lady Gaga’s Powerful Oscars PerformanceShe brought sexual-assault survivors onstage.
  31. Finally, Leonardo DiCaprio Can RelaxHe just won the Oscar he’s always wanted. Now he can quit trying so hard.
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    There Was a Horribly Tone-Deaf Asian Joke at the OscarsWho okayed this?
  33. oscars 2016
    Joe Biden Went to the Oscars to Stand Against Campus RapeThe vice-president introduced Lady Gaga’s performance of “Til It Happens to You” from The Hunting Ground.
  34. oscars 2016
    Louis C.K. Proves He’d Be a Solid Oscars Host“This Oscar is going home in a Honda Civic.”
  35. oscars 2016
    Stuffy Oscars Dudes Can’t Handle Mad Max Costume Designer’s AwesomenessI’ve seen subtler reactions from a cartoon wolf.
  36. oscars 2016
    Chris Rock Interviewed Black Moviegoers in Compton About Oscar-Nominated Films“Do you feel that Trumbo should have been a bigger hit?”
  37. oscars 2016
    Watch the Oscars Audience React to Chris Rock’s Opening MonologueDo you clap? How much do you clap?
  38. oscars 2016
    Oscars Imagine Films With Black People in ThemThey’d be pretty funny!
  39. oscars 2016
    Chris Rock Skewers Hollywood Racism in Oscars Opening Monologue“Hollywood is sorority racist.”
  40. oscars 2016
    Of Course Stacey Dash Trolled the OscarsIn this moment, we are all the Weeknd.
  41. #oscarssowhite
    Kerry Washington and More on #OscarsSoWhite“If you look at the history of movements, the history of change, a lot of voices are needed at the table,” Washington said.
  42. oscars 2016
    Here Are the 2016 Oscar WinnersCheck in with us here as we update the post live.
  43. oscars 2016
    David Edelstein’s 2016 Oscars PreviewAnd a farewell to an intimidating colleague.
  44. oscars 2016
    See All the 2016 Oscars Red-Carpet LooksAlicia Vikander, Saoirse Ronan, and Mindy Kaling as they saunter in all flashy-like.
  45. best original song
    Watch a Mash-Up of the Best Song NomineesFrom Lady Gaga to the Weeknd.
  46. oscars 2016
    Join Vulture’s Oscars Live Blog With Critics David Edelstein and Bilge EbiriStarting at 8 p.m.
  47. thank you matt drudge
    How The Revenant’s Bear Became the Season’s StarThe mauling that melted the Academy’s heart.
  48. oscar futures
    Vulture’s Final 2016 Oscar Predictions for Every CategoryA lot of these are close calls! What will win?
  49. oscars 2016
    Embrace of the Serpent Had to Embrace the JungleThe film deviates from standard jungle tropes, both off and on camera.
  50. oscars 2016
    Looking Back at Chris Rock As 2005 Oscars Host“These actor types, man, who the hell do they think they are? I held back!”
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