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  1. best picture
    Steve Harvey on the Oscars Best Picture Mistake: ‘I Was Free! Thank You, God!’“When he walked out there and snatched that card out of Warren’s hand, that’s when I knew redemption was mine.”
  2. Here’s Where You Can Stream This Year’s Oscar MoviesEverything from Get Out to The Boss Baby.
  3. The Insult, Lebanon’s Oscar Entry, Is an Evenhanded Look at Racial AnimusPart of the film is a crackerjack courtroom drama. What’s dull is the trajectory.
  4. last night on late night
    Annette Bening Needs to Know Where Kimmel Was During Warren Beatty’s Oscar GaffeBeatty might still have Emma Stone’s La La Land envelope.
  5. How Will the Golden Globe Results Affect Oscar Hopefuls?Best Director winner Guillermo del Toro and Best Screenplay writer Martin McDonagh ought not get too confident.
  6. Tiffany Haddish Deserves an Award for the Acceptance Speech She Gave Last NightHere are the 12 best parts of her incredible speech at the New York Film Critics Circle Awards.
  7. the industry
    New York Times to Shift Red-Carpet Coverage Following #MeTooGlitz, gowns, and one of its Weinstein investigative reporters.
  8. How Grief Led Diane Kruger to the Bravest Performance of her CareerThe actress discusses how love and loss shaped her performance in the German-language thriller In The Fade.
  9. oscars 2017
    Call Me by Your Name, Mudbound Songs Make Best Original Song Short ListThe 70 songs on the Oscars’ Best Original Song short list have been revealed.
  10. Downsizing’s Hong Chau Is Sick of Talking About That Accent“I’ve had so many interviews with people about the accent, the accent, the accent. It’s a necessary conversation but not a very fun conversation.”
  11. How to Turn Margot Robbie Into Tonya HardingTales from the set of I, Tonya include beer-soaked wigs, figure skaters in fat suits, and 96 separate costume changes.
  12. Can Melissa Leo Scream Her Way To Another Oscar?This year, the actress became one of cinema’s most terrifying nuns — and in the process, tapped into our current moment of “beautiful female rage.”
  13. Everyone Was Talking About the Call Me by Your Name Peach at the Gotham Awards“I have a visceral feeling every time I see a peach now that flashes me back to Europe.”
  14. Oscar Futures: Why the Comedy Controversy Could Help Get OutThe debate about whether it’s in the right Golden Globes category has people appreciating the film anew.
  15. Thelma’s Joachim Trier on Filming Lesbian Sex Scenes Sans the Male Gaze“I don’t think you can create art from a position of shame.”
  16. Oscar Futures: Can a 7-Year-Old Actress Get Nominated This Year?Will The Florida Project’s irrepressible Brooklynn Prince be the youngest Oscar nominee ever?
  17. Best Actress Watch: Will Jessica Chastain Be a Contender for Molly’s Game?Aaron Sorkin’s directorial debut is ruthlessly entertaining, but can Chastain break into the crowded Best Actress race?
  18. movies
    Moonlight’s Barry Jenkins on the Best Picture Fallout, Where He Keeps His OscarPlus, his undying love for Isabelle Huppert.
  19. moonlight oscars mix-up
    Faye Dunaway Feels ‘Very Guilty’ About That Best Picture Mistake at the OscarsThe actress sat down with Lester Holt on NBC Nightly News to explain what happened.
  20. last night on late night
    Warren Beatty Knows the Oscars Envelope Brouhaha Was the TV Event of the Century“I guess you can say it’s chaos.”
  21. makeups
    Academy Agrees to Keep Using Accounting Firm PwC Despite Best Picture Mix-upInstead, there are new rules: Accountants must hand over their phones before they’re allowed backstage.
  22. award spectacles
    We Finally Know Why Ryan Gosling Was Laughing During the Oscars Mistake“I was so relieved.”
  23. peaceful protests
    Why Brie Larson Not Clapping at the Oscars Was Even Harsher Than It LookedIf she doesn’t have anything nice to say … what have you done?
  24. hands wide shut
    Nicole Kidman Says Her Seal-Like Oscars Clap Was to Protect Her Diamond RingsDiamonds are not this girl’s best friend!
  25. shock and awe
    Mike Pence on Oscars Blunder: Not That Much Hollywood Shock Since Election Day“It really was something.”
  26. Here’s the Final Matt Damon Joke Jimmy Kimmel Didn’t Get to Make at the OscarsDamon escapes again!
  27. oscars 2017
    Academy President Promises Oscars Changes to ‘Ensure This Never Happens Again’Cheryl Boone Isaacs addressed PwC, Beatty and Dunaway, and more in a note to Academy members.
  28. oscars 2017
    Jimmy Kimmel Breaks Down the Moments Surrounding the Oscars Envelope Controversy“I walk up onstage and all hell is breaking loose, and people are mad and confused.”
  29. spill the tea
    The Oscars Stage Manager Says He Was Stunned by PwC Accountant Incompetence“When La La Land was announced, she did not try to get my attention, she did not say anything. And she’s supposed to have memorized the winners.”
  30. oscars 2017
    PwC Accountants Receive Security Detail After Getting Threats Over Oscars Mix-upThe pair will not be back at the Oscars, but will keep their jobs.
  31. oscars 2017
    Accountants Involved in Oscars Best Picture Snafu Booted From Future CeremoniesCheryl Boone Isaacs announced the Academy’s decision.
  32. movie theaters
    Moonlight Is Expanding to More Movie Theaters This WeekendBarry Jenkins’s movie is getting the usual post-Oscars expansion.
  33. moonlight
    What’s Next for Everyone In Moonlight’s CastMahershala Ali is doing a movie with Tom Hardy, and Trevante Rhodes might be in the new Malick movie.
  34. art therapy
    Brad Pitt Didn’t Go to the Oscars Because He Was Busy SculptingThe actor “had been at it for nearly 10 days.”
  35. oscars 2017
    Warren Beatty Asks the Academy to ‘Publicly Clarify’ His Best Picture Mix-upThe Academy offered their apology for the incident on Monday.
  36. the awards show show
    What It Was Like Being in the Room at This Year’s Crazy Oscars CeremonyIn the season finale of The Awards Show Show, Kyle Buchanan and John Horn discuss what it was like being in the theater where it happened.
  37. missed opportunities
    Barry Jenkins Reveals What His Moonlight Best Picture Speech Would Have Been“The thing has happened.”
  38. Gary From Chicago Went From Prison to Oscars Front Row in One WeekendHe was married by Denzel Washington during the broadcast.
  39. State Department Tweeted, Then Deleted, Congrats to Asghar Farhadi for OscarThe Iranian director won Best Foreign-Language Film, but skipped the ceremony in protest of Trump’s travel ban.
  40. last night on late night
    Daily Show’s Roy Wood Jr. Celebrates the Oscars Achieving ‘Peak Blackness’2017’s blacktivity levels are already off the chart.
  41. last night on late night
    Jimmy Kimmel Reveals the Hero of Sunday’s Oscar Mix-up Was Denzel Washington“He yells, ‘Barry!’ and I was like, ‘What?’”
  42. sorry
    The Academy Issued an Apology Statement for the Oscars Best Picture Mix-upThough they’d also like to remind everyone that PwC has taken full responsibility.
  43. oscars 2017
    Trump’s Theory on the Oscars Debacle: Everyone Was Too Busy Thinking About Trump“They were focused so hard on politics that they didn’t get the act together at the end.”
  44. oscars 2017
    Patricia Arquette Slams Oscars for Excluding Her Trans Sister From ‘In Memoriam’“I think that was a real slight to the trans community.”
  45. WATCH: A Brief History of the Wrong Winners Being CrownedLa La Land certainly wasn’t the first.
  46. ratings
    Despite a Twist Ending, the 2017 Oscars Ratings Weren’t Too GreatThe Jimmy Kimmel–hosted telecast was the second least-watched Oscars in TV history.
  47. oscars 2017
    How Did Moonlight Win Best Picture?To Moonlight’s voters, it simply mattered more.
  48. envelopes
    Everything We Know About That Oscars Best Picture Mix-upWhy did Warren Beatty get the wrong envelope?
  49. oscars 2017
    Don’t Let the Best Picture Debacle Overshadow Moonlight’s Great WinBarry Jenkins’s winner represents exactly what film should be.
  50. oscars 2017
    The La La Land Best Picture Mix-up Was a Fitting End to a Confused OscarsNo one seemed to know what they wanted out of the ceremony.
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