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  1. i tonya
    Awards Season Is Over, So Allison Janney Is Dancing With Hot Guys From Now OnA special congratulations courtesy of Ellen.
  2. reaction gifs explained
    Jennifer Garner Explains Her Oscars Reaction Meme: That’s Just Her Face“What is wrong with me?”
  3. How One Rap Clique in the ’90s Remade the Whole Culture in Its ImageThe Soulquarians themselves may have receded, but the example they set inspires today’s best artists.
  4. last night on late night
    Jimmy Kimmel Thanked TV Critic Donald Trump for His Oscars FeedbackBurn, baby, burn.
  5. oscars 2018
    A Tribute to Lady Bird, Which Won No Oscars, But Was Still Hella TightWe need more movies that show girlhood and home life as something dramatic and exquisite.
  6. oscars 2018
    Jordan Peele Put His Oscar in the Creepiest Place PossibleAnd next to his Key & Peele Emmy.
  7. oscars 2018
    Trump Tweets About Low Oscars Ratings: ‘Problem Is, We Don’t Have Stars Anymore’He even throws in a “joke.”
  8. My Unpopular Opinion: The Oscars Should Always Be LongLet me explain this to you.
  9. oscars 2018
    Why Get Out’s Screenplay Win Makes This the Biggest Oscars Ever for HorrorJordan Peele brought the genre its first ever Academy Award for Original Screenplay.
  10. oscars 2018
    Roger Deakins Should Have Won an Oscar Years AgoAfter 13 tries, the cinematographer won his first Oscar Sunday night.
  11. oscars 2018
    Single Dad Brad Pitt Wants Tiffany Haddish to Give Him a CallIt’s what we deserve!
  12. another dimension's oscars 2018
    This Lonely Island Song Would’ve Been the Funniest Part of the OscarsThe Lonely Island were asked to write a song for the Academy Awards. The result was deemed “financially and logistically impossible.”
  13. oscars 2018
    Was Jimmy Kimmel’s Jet Ski Bit Funny?Jimmy Kimmel threw down a gauntlet, in exchange for a Jet Ski. Did it work?
  14. The Oscars’ Most Meaningful Gift: Its Lady Presenter PairingsThe show’s producers finally understood the value of letting women present together, women who — gasp — actually like each other in real life.
  15. oscars 2018
    Keegan-Michael Key Was Jordan Peele’s Biggest Stan on Oscar NightEverything is fine until they lock eyes.
  16. egot
    Just Like That, Coco Songwriter Robert Lopez Is the First Ever to Double EGOTHe’s only 43.
  17. whodunnit?
    Someone Temporarily Stole Frances McDormand’s OscarThe man has been arrested for felony grand theft.
  18. hollywood signs
    The Oscars Were a Mess, But They (Eventually) Found a MessageIt was awkward and overcalculated, but in its unscripted moments, a theme emerged. (Thanks, Frances McDormand.)
  19. 5 Iconic Moments From Guillermo del Toro FilmsThe Shape of Water director took home two Oscars at the 2018 Academy Awards.
  20. Oscars Review: The Most Inspiring Broadcast, the Most Disappointing AwardsThis year, there was grace, positivity, and a slew of disappointing winners.
  21. oscars 2018
    Thanks to Call Me by Your Name, James Ivory Becomes the Oldest Oscar Winner EverHe finally took home an Academy Award for Best Adapted Screenplay at the age of 89.
  22. How Did The Shape of Water Pull Off That Best Picture Win?Five reasons why Guillermo del Toro’s film won the Oscar.
  23. What’s the ‘Inclusion Rider’ Frances McDormand Mentioned in Her Oscars Speech?The contractual clause would require greater racial and gender diversity in movies.
  24. oscars 2018
    The Highs and Lows of the 2018 Oscars CeremonyFrom Tiffany Haddish and Maya Rudolph to Rita Moreno and all those endless montages.
  25. oscars 2018
    Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway Correctly Read Best Picture WinnerNo confusion for The Shape of Water.
  26. oscars 2018
    Frances McDormand Got Every Female Nominee to Stand During Her Oscars Speech“Meryl! If you do it everybody else will!”
  27. Here’s Your Complete List of the 2018 Oscars WinnersThe Shape of Water takes Best Picture.
  28. The Messy E! Oscar Pre-Show Proved That Red-Carpet Coverage Needs to Be RevampedKeeping Ryan Seacrest on E! was a bad move.
  29. Jordan Peele Becomes First Black Winner of Best Original Screenplay OscarThe writer and director said he almost gave up on the movie many times, thinking it would never get made.
  30. oscars 2018
    The Most Ridiculous Things That Went Down During That Oscars Movie-Theater BitMark Hamill is so excited to meet Gal Gadot.
  31. oscars 2018
    Tiffany Haddish, Maya Rudolph Promise the Oscars Aren’t Getting ‘Too Black’Paul Thomas Anderson, you’d better be scripting their buddy comedy from your seat.
  32. oscars 2018
    Allison Janney Just Gave You a Great Oscar GIF for When You’re Feeling YourselfThis year’s best supporting actress would like to thank … herself!
  33. Here’s How Jimmy Kimmel’s Oscars Monologue Addressed the Elephant in the RoomYou knew it was coming.
  34. oscars 2018
    Nicole Kidman Crashed Sandra Bullock’s Oscars Interview to Talk Practical Magic“We were really good sisters!
  35. oscars 2018
    Tiffany Haddish Jumped a Rope Line to Hug Meryl Streep at the OscarsHaddish is taking Girls Trip 2 casting meetings on the red carpet.
  36. oscars 2018
    Taraji P. Henson Subtly Shades Ryan Seacrest on the Oscars Red CarpetLast week, Seacrest was accused of sexual assault by his former stylist.
  37. oscars 2018
    E! Host Josh Horowitz Addresses ‘Awkward’ Casey Affleck Situation at the OscarsAmid E!’s own awkward Ryan Seacrest situation.
  38. Cinematographers React to Rachel Morrison’s Historic Oscar NominationMorrison became the first woman nominated for Best Cinematography.
  39. oscars 2018
    See All the Red-Carpet Looks From the 2018 OscarsAllison Williams, Adam Rippon, and more flashy celebrity fashion at Hollywood’s most glamorous evening of the year.
  40. the red carpet
    Access Hollywood Will Discuss Ryan Seacrest With Everyone on Oscars Red CarpetAccording to the show’s executive producer.
  41. oscars 2018
    #MeToo Founder Says E! Should Prevent Ryan Seacrest From Doing Oscars Coverage“We shouldn’t have to make those choices of, ‘Do we or don’t we?’”
  42. oscars 2018
    Jennifer Lawrence and Jodie Foster Will Reportedly Present Best Actress OscarLast year’s Best Actor winner Casey Affleck withdrew from presenting at the Oscars in January.
  43. impersonations
    Someone Reportedly Impersonated Armie Hammer’s Wife to Get an Oscar Party TicketMeanwhile, your attempts to impersonate Armie Hammer’s wife for a lifetime of happiness with Armie Hammer remain unsuccessful.
  44. oscars 2018
    Why Oscar Attendees Will Be Wearing an Orange American Flag on SundayThe fight against gun violence will be making an appearance at this year’s Academy Awards.
  45. Denzel Washington Quietly Gave a Tremendous Oscar-Nominated PerformanceIt’s unlike anything he’s done before.
  46. oscars 2018
    La La Land, We Mean Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway Will Announce Best PictureThe bank robbers were spotted at the Dolby Theater last night.
  47. oscars 2018
    Jimmy Kimmel Confirms That He Will Address Time’s Up and #MeToo at the OscarsAn earlier interview from ABC seemed to suggest that he wouldn’t.
  48. Why Are Academy Voters So Pissed Off About Netflix’s Oscars Prospects?“We are the Motion Picture Academy. We’re not the Television Academy. What do we stand for?”
  49. Vulture’s Final Oscar Predictions: What Will Win?We want to help you win your office pool.
  50. 66 Oscar Monologues and Opening Numbers Ranked, From Worst to BestFrom Seth MacFarlane and Snow White to Chris Rock and NPH, with lots of Bob Hope in the middle.
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