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Our Little Genius

  1. our little genius
    FCC Investigating Our Little Genius for Feeding Answers to ContestantsSome kid didn’t know what a hemidemisemiquaver is.
  2. our little genius
    Fox Delays Our Little Genius Over ‘Issue’Creator Mark Burnett: “I am not comfortable delivering the episodes without re-shooting them.”
  3. crying and booing
    Our Little Genius Producers Taking All Precautions Against Crying, Booing“[T]he producers at a recent taping had the show’s host tape some fake endings to be inserted into the broadcast if the child answered a question wrong.”
  4. wise up
    Fox’s Newest Game Show Will Almost Certainly Crush Children’s SpiritsWe can hardly wait to see a whole new generation of “Quiz Kid” Donnie Smiths enter society’s ranks!
  5. bad ideas
    Fox to Bring the Glass Family to LifeA new game show promises to ruin lives.