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  1. your tv ratings explained
    Your TV Ratings Explained: CBS Can’t LosePlus: More bad news for ‘Running Wilde.’.
  2. talk
    Why Can’t Jimmy Smits Hold Down a TV Show?’Outlaw’ got ‘Cane’-ed, and we are ‘NYPD Blue.’
  3. outlaw
    Outlaw Bites The DustNBC officially cancels the struggling legal drama. Get ready for Jimmy Smits cameos on a drama near you!
  4. outlaw
    Production Halted on NBC’s OutlawFilming of new episodes could start up again in future.
  5. With Lone Star Gone, Which Shows Will Get Canceled Next?We’ve autopsied the early Nielsen data and come up with six more shows most in danger of joining ‘Lone Star’ in TV heaven.
  6. fugging it up
    The Fug Girls Suggest Ten TV Cameos Guaranteed to Boost RatingsClooney and Marguiles reunited! And who wouldn’t want to see an unofficial ‘L.A. Law’ reunion?
  7. choose your own adventure
    Flow Chart: Which New TV Crime-Solver Is Right for You?A flowchart to help you pick the lawyer, cop, or superhero who’s right for you.
  8. vulture lists
    9 Q’s (and A’s) About the New TV SeasonWho will be Conan’s first guest? Is network TV ready for a Don Draper?
  9. Your Vulture Upfronts: Judge the New NBC DramasThere are six of them!
  10. pickup lines
    NBC, Network of Desperate Need, Picks Up Yet Another ShowCalled ‘The Cape.’