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Overdue Sequels

  1. overdue sequels
    An Inconvenient Truth Sequel Set for Sundance 2017Quiet, says Al Gore. A whale is still in trouble.
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    Yep, Tyra Banks Will Reprise Her Role As Eve in That Life-Size SequelStill no word on Lindsay Lohan, though.
  3. overdue sequels
    Tyra Banks: Life-Size 2 Is HappeningLindsay, are you listening?
  4. overdue sequels
    Top Gun 2 Is Being Written, Will Likely Include Tom Cruise As Its StarMaverick could play Maverick decades in the future (i.e., the present!).
  5. overdue sequels
    Yes, Indiana Jones Is Also Coming Back to the Big ScreenBut they need a script!
  6. overdue sequels
    Dragon Tattoo Sequel Gets a New Title, Cover ArtThe Girl in the Spider’s Web.
  7. overdue sequels
    Kevin Smith Confirmed Your Mallrats Sequel HopesWhat a guy!
  8. overdue sequels
    Denis Villeneuve Will Direct the Blade Runner SequelWith Harrison Ford confirmed to come back.
  9. overdue sequels
    The Zombieland Sequel Is HappeningFingers crossed.
  10. overdue sequels
    David Fincher Hopes to Do Girl With the Dragon Tattoo Film SequelsCould it be his post–Gone Girl project?
  11. overdue sequels
    Will Ferrell Says Mugatu Will Be in Zoolander 2“Mugatu is a part of it.”
  12. overdue sequels
    SLC Punk 2 Trailer: Heroin Bob Rises AgainThe original gang is back (minus Matthew Lillard).
  13. overdue sequels
    There’s a Goonies Sequel on the WayHey you guys.
  14. overdue sequels
    Jerry Bruckheimer’s Top Gun 2 Involves DronesBut won’t the volleyball sand mess up their hard drives?
  15. overdue sequels
    Blade Runner Writer to Pen Prometheus 2The new Blade Runner, that is.
  16. overdue sequels
    Dumb and Dumber To Hits Theaters November 2014Perfect family Thanksgiving movie.
  17. overdue sequels
    Your New Trapped in the Closet Will Be Here for ThanksgivingFor the whole family!
  18. overdue sequels
    Yes, Trapped in the Closet Is Coming BackOn IFC.
  19. overdue sequels
    Wet Hot American Summer Sequel ‘Absolutely’ HappeningSo says Michael Showalter.
  20. overdue sequels
    Bret Easton Ellis Wants to Reunite Less Than Zero Cast for a SequelWhatever we can do to help make this happen, we’ll do it!