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  1. overnights
    Physical Recap: The Facts of LifeWill the truth finally set everyone free?
  2. overnights
    Schmigadoon! Recap: Sex EducationJosh and Melissa start to make a real impact on Schmigadoon, with mixed results.
  3. overnights
    Ted Lasso Recap: A Heart-to-Tartt TalkThe vibes are still good for the AFC Richmond crew, but how long can they get by on tie games?
  4. overnights
    RuPaul’s Drag Race All-Stars Recap: Girl GoneThe gag of this episode’s ending. It’s horrifying, it’s entertaining, it’s shocking … it’s drag. No notes.
  5. overnights
    The Good Fight Recap: Anonymous PlatypusDiane’s self-preservation reaches a new level as Ruth Bader Ginsburg inspires her to make questionable decisions regarding the firm and her marriage.
  6. overnights
    Gossip Girl Recap: Mother of All BirthdaysWe were denied a dueling-parties story line for this?
  7. overnights
    Good Trouble Recap: The Sleuthing SistersThese 20-somethings are out here learning about finstas, getting into polyamorous relationships, and gracefully growing up.
  8. overnights
    Real Housewives of New York City Recap: Nuclear MistletoeThe holidays are approaching, which means that Luann has another middling single to record and Ramona has yet another birthday to celebrate.
  9. overnights
    The Bachelorette Recap: Encompassed With DramaAn emotionally devastating departure sets the stage for the first of many abrupt tonal shifts in this Men Tell All.
  10. overnights
    90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? Recap: Oranges Aren’t Watermelons, BroSo many of this season’s couples can’t seem to differentiate between the story they’ve told themselves and the actual reality they have to deal with.
  11. overnights
    The White Lotus Recap: Sex TalksA sex-driven episode is variously divisive, clandestine, lusty, affirming, embarrassing, and solitary — but never very sexy.
  12. overnights
    Kevin Can F**k Himself Season-Finale Recap: Everyday HeroIn terms of sheer audacity, “Fixed” should be commended. In terms of characterization, well …
  13. overnights
    The Real Housewives of Potomac Recap: The Curious Case of Zen WenSeason Two Wendy is itching to create a moment that she isn’t ready to deliver just yet.
  14. overnights
    Power Book III: Raising Kanan Recap: By Any Means NecessaryAs both a mother and a queenpin, Raq is always one step ahead of her son.
  15. overnights
    Evil Recap: Justice Served?What could have been a boilerplate racist-cop story winds up going in some extremely Evil directions.
  16. overnights
    Never Have I Ever Season-Finale Recap: Two to TangoThis ending feels familiar (in a good way).
  17. overnights
    Love Island U.K. Recap: I Love You, ButThe producers really worked overtime finding this trio of newcomers.
  18. overnights
    Never Have I Ever Recap: Girl, InterruptedDevi’s latest confrontation with her mother forces her to look her “Crazy Devi” reputation square in the face.
  19. overnights
    Physical Recap: What We Do in the ShadowsThis episode is full of unhappy rich people in their mansions.
  20. overnights
    Schmigadoon! Recap: Troubled WatersMelissa and Josh learn the dangers of casual hookups in a world where casual hookups aren’t a thing.
  21. overnights
    Ted Lasso Season-Premiere Recap: Dog Day AfternoonWhat could have been a mean bit of dark humor to open the season turns out to be a reminder of how moving this show can be.
  22. overnights
    RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars Recap: Ryan Murphy’s LawThe lack of a clear front-runner this season is making for exciting television and some unexpected narratives.
  23. overnights
    Never Have I Ever Recap: Green LightWhat’s this? Devi receiving practical advice for dealing with her emotions, and actually taking it? We love to see it.
  24. overnights
    Good Trouble Recap: Group Hugs Heal All WoundsOkay, well, we’re all crying now.
  25. overnights
    The Good Fight Recap: Hospital CornersJay’s experience as a Covid long-hauler might be more affecting were it not so useful for the writers to get themselves out of corners.
  26. overnights
    Gossip Girl Recap: Petty Little Liars“Lies Wide Shut” almost feels like it takes place in a separate universe from the first two episodes.
  27. overnights
    The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap: Palm Springs EternalThe questions about Erika and Tom are piling up, but satisfying answers are harder to come by.
  28. overnights
    Never Have I Ever Recap: Sorry Won’t Cut ItApologies are hard, but they shouldn’t be this hard.
  29. overnights
    The Real Housewives of New York City Recap: Read SonjaMaybe it was always going to take a séance to get through to Sonja.
  30. overnights
    The Bachelorette Recap: Rom-Com VibesKatie is looking for a lot in a man.
  31. overnights
    90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After Recap: Eat, Then Leave!Maybe if Jovi were more willing to grow up and be a father, Yara would be more willing to put up with his mom dissing her fish dishes.
  32. overnights
    The White Lotus: Hawaiian K-HoleShane is now fighting a two-front war between Armand’s Pineapple Suite obstruction and his new wife’s growing existential crisis.
  33. overnights
    The Real Housewives of Potomac Recap: The Not-So-Newlywed GameThere can only be one girlboss in this cast, and Wendy is dead set on making sure that woman is her.
  34. overnights
    Power Book III Season-Premiere Recap: Welcome to South Jamaica, QueensThe Thomas family seems more unified and loving than other families in the Power universe, but no less complicated.
  35. overnights
    Kevin Can F**k Himself Recap: Make It WorkWhat’s harder, the waiting or the pretending?
  36. overnights
    Evil Recap: Exorcising the ExorcistSister Andrea’s endgame with David and Leland is a mystery, but for now we should all just be enjoying the ride.
  37. overnights
    Never Have I Ever Recap: Face the MusicDevi is unable to wiggle her way out of this through charm or charisma because, frankly, she doesn’t have either of those things.
  38. overnights
    Love Island U.K. Recap: Friendship IslandNoooo Hugo, you had one chance — finally, one chance! — and you ruined it.
  39. overnights
    Never Have I Ever Recap: Rumor Has ItDevi’s grief, and the bad choices it drives her to make, runs headlong into Aneesa’s own trauma.
  40. overnights
    Never Have I Ever Recap: Not-So-Evil TwinAs much as Devi tries to avoid new transfer student Aneesa, life keeps throwing them at each other.
  41. overnights
    Physical Recap: Friends in Low PlacesWhere are Sheila’s real friends? Why doesn’t she have any?
  42. overnights
    Schmigadoon! Recap: Meat Basket for SaleAs Melissa sours on Schmigadoon, Josh begins to get in tune.
  43. overnights
    Lisey’s Story Finale Recap: We Each Owe a DeathIt’s finally time for Lisey to write her own story.
  44. overnights
    Schmigadoon! Series-Premiere Recap: Welcome to Musical HellAudience participation is mandatory.
  45. overnights
    RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars Recap: RuPaul’s Milgram ExperimentJan is just going to be psychologically tormented for the duration of this All Stars season, isn’t she?
  46. overnights
    Never Have I Ever Recap: More Than a Pretty FaceA Paxton-centric episode adds some depth to the eye candy and points one of this show’s central pairings in an intriguing new direction.
  47. overnights
    Never Have I Ever Recap: Party OnDevi’s doing a great job of turning Paxton and Ben into sympathetic characters at the expense of her own likability.
  48. overnights
    The Good Fight Recap: A Lawyer Walks Into a BarPerhaps this show is better off just making messes than engineering a meta-narrative about its right to do so.
  49. overnights
    Gossip Girl Recap: Papa Don’t PreachThis is the supposed heir to Blair Waldorf’s throne?
  50. overnights
    Never Have I Ever Season-Premiere Recap: Three’s a CrowdDevi’s ready to explore new frontiers in messiness this season.
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