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Ozark Season 2

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    Ozark Recap: Everything is BrokenSeason two ends with a revelation about how far Wendy will go to get what she wants.
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    Ozark Recap: Nothing PersonalRifts deepen in the marriages of the Byrdes and the Snells in season two’s eventful penultimate episode.
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    Ozark Recap: Be BestMarty plays tough to get Rachel out of a jam and the season’s body count appears to get even higher.
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    Ozark Recap: The Righteous PathDeath continues to trail the Byrdes in an episode that shines the spotlight on Laura Linney and Michael Mosley.
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    Ozark Recap: Them BonesIn the aftermath of a major loss, Marty and Rachel bond and share secrets.
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    Ozark Recap: Acceptable RiskThe Byrdes and Langmores find themselves caught between the FBI and the Mexican cartel in an especially tense episode.
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    Ozark Recap: Blood MoneyAfter a couple of leisurely episodes the season bounces back with a tense hour that leaves Marty with more enemies than ever.
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    Ozark Recap: Not Everything Is NegotiableSome misunderstandings lead to trouble as the Byrdes try a combination of persuasion and force.
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    Ozark Recap: Waitin’ Around to DieThe Byrdes continue on the long road to building a casino as Ruth plays the long game against her abusive father.
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    Ozark Recap: Building NormalThe series returns with a premiere that introduces new players and new complications.
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    Ozark’s Second Season Is a Trip to Lake FlaccidThe Netflix crime series gets even darker and more plodding.