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  1. 2021 bbmas
    Pink Solidifies Her Icon Status at the BBMAs, With Her Mini Icon Daughter“Dream big, because what if it comes true?”
  2. roll clip!
    Watch Pink and Her Children Frolic Through Europe in Her New Documentary“The only way I can justify dragging my family all over the world is that we’re making memories together.”
  3. my single is dropping
    Pink Passes On Her Wisdom in New Video ‘All I Know So Far’Featuring a cameo from God (Cher) herself.
  4. like mother like daughter
    Pink’s New Song With Her Daughter Is the Wholesome Content You NeedWillow Sage Hart previously sang “Cover Me in Sunshine” on her mom’s TikTok.
  5. right click
    Pink Is Back With an Empowering New Song and, Finally, a New AlbumHer first album in five years is out October 13.
  6. copycats
    The Grammys: Five Months Behind the VMAsBeyoncé, Lady Gaga, Green Day, P!nk, and Taylor Swift performed at both ceremonies.