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Pain And Gain

  1. Michael Bay Characters, Ranked by SweatinessThe director’s movies are unnervingly obsessed with human sweat.
  2. nostalgia
    Let’s Not Forget What Reese Did in FearShe and Mark Wahlberg did some very crazy things. 
  3. trailer mix
    Watch the Trailer for Bay’s Pain and GainMark Wahlberg and Dwayne Johnson have muscles and steal.
  4. release dates
    Michael Bay Isn’t a Summer Movie Director These DaysPain and Gain is coming out in … April!
  5. casting
    Rebel Wilson Joins Michael Bay MovieHopefully it will go okay.
  6. explosions
    Michael Bay Plans Family Reality Show, Auditions Bethenny FrankelExplosion!
  7. movies
    Michael Bay Casts Anthony Mackie As BodybuilderIn Pain and Gain.
  8. Ed Harris May Reunite with Michael Bay for Pain and GainA mini-reunion of The Rock…co-starring the Rock!
  9. Michael Bay’s Pain Attracts Dwayne Johnson, Mark WahlbergThey’re the director’s top picks for his weightlifting crime caper.