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Paley Center For Media

  1. paneling
    Watch Bob’s Burgers’ Very Lively Paley Center PanelModerated by Vulture’s own Jesse David Fox.
  2. 20th anniversaries
    David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson Panel Recap“I hate that winking meta-meta-meta shit. I hate it more than anything.”
  3. community
    Watch the Community Panel From PaleyFestCommunity opens it up for Q&A.
  4. chat room
    Schwartzman, Ames, Danson at Bored to Death Panel“Most of the novelists I love are dead, and Jonathan Ames is alive.”
  5. chat room
    John Hodgman on the Charlie Sheen Joke He Wished He Could’ve Told at the Emmys“What can you say about Charlie Sheen?”