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  1. reunions
    The Parks and Recreation Stars on Where Their Characters Are Today“She would run stuff.”
  2. paleyfest 2018
    The Handmaid’s Tale Cast Explains What’s Really Under Those Cloaks“Granny panties, don’t knock ‘em! They’re pretty comfortable.”
  3. paleyfest 2018
    The Handmaid’s Tale Cast Has Lots of Ideas for a Drake Cameo“Who would he play? Maybe Offred’s third baby daddy.”
  4. paleyfest 2017
    James Corden on the Bit He’d Love to Do With Donald TrumpHe’s calling it “Stand By or Take It Back.”
  5. paleyfest 2017
    No, The Walking Dead’s Negan Isn’t an Allusion to Donald TrumpSorry to ruin your theories.
  6. daily show
    Trevor Noah Compares Trump to African Dictators“Whether you like it or not, [Trump] possesses charisma.”
  7. party chat
    Ronny Chieng Is Waiting for ‘Equal Opportunity’ Racism From Donald Trump“We’re feeling left out of this racist Super Bowl.”
  8. paleyfest
    What to Expect (or Not to Expect) From Homeland’s 6th SeasonPeter Quinn is alive!
  9. paleyfest
    Mindy Project Cast Reveals Mindy-est MomentsMaybe Xosha Roquemore is the real Mindy Lahiri.
  10. paleyfest
    Joshua Jackson and Co. Talk About The Affair’s Added POVsAnd more highlights from the show’s PaleyFest panel.
  11. paleyfest
    Evil Dead’s Campbell Explains the Blood TestSounds uncomfortable.
  12. paleyfest
    PLL Crew on How the Show Will End“As a group, we’ll make a decision on when it’s time to end, and right now it’s sounding like season seven.”
  13. What’s Up With the Dr. Horrible Sequel?New details from our chat with Joss Whedon, Neil Patrick Harris, and Nathan Fillion.
  14. fall tv 2015
    7 Things We Learned About Crazy Ex-Girlfriend at PaleyFestConfirmed: crazy.
  15. baby watch
    J the V Stars Promise ‘Unexpected’ Baby BirthIn the meantime, Rogelio can’t stop drumming on that baby bump.
  16. paleyfest
    Jane the Virgin’s Gina Rodriguez: The Latino Community Needs to Unite“They see us as one community and we need to be one community.”
  17. paleyfest
    Jessica Lange Confirms American Horror Story DepartureSarah Paulson and Denis O’Hare are unsure.
  18. carpet dispatch
    The Unsexiest Moments From Outlander’s SetHorse flatulence, spiders, and modesty pouches.
  19. crossovers
    The Scandal Cast Imagines Whom They Would Play on GirlsPlus: Jenni Konner hints at a Kerry Washington arc on Girls.
  20. paleyfest
    Lena Dunham on Disagreeing With Her Younger Self, Twitter, and ‘Budussy’“It’s amazing how much you can change over five years.”
  21. paleyfest
    How Broad City and Workaholics Raised Red Flags at Comedy Central“We really fought for it, and it made it in.”
  22. party chat
    Julianna Margulies Might Have Just Spoiled The Good WifeMaybe?
  23. paleyfest
    Homeland Is Flashing Forward for Season 5To Deutschland!
  24. paleyfest
    The Food on Hannibal Is As Delicious As It Looks, Most of the TimeThe “gelatin with fish” wasn’t great. 
  25. casting couch
    Jada Pinkett Smith Auditioned for Gotham With a Man on a Leash“I went Method.”
  26. tv
    Even Omar Was Confused When Season 2 of The Wire Went to the DocksIt wasn’t until season three that he realized, “Oh, this is not about me.”
  27. new york comic con 2014
    Everything We Learned About The Walking Dead at Comic Con and PaleyFestThis season is going to be insane. 
  28. casting couch
    Michael Chiklis Joins American Horror Story“We’re going to freak you!”
  29. Amy Poehler Calls ‘Parks and Rec’ the Best Job She’s Ever Had“Mike and I knew each other at SNL and he just said a very simple thing to me when he was pitching me the show and the idea of the show, which […]
  30. puppets
    Community Is Doing a Puppet EpisodeAll puppets, plus Jason Alexander.