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Pamela Anderson

  1. my ex-wife
    Sacha Baron Cohen Says Borat Caused Pamela Anderson and Kid Rock to DivorceHow “My Wife!” became “My Ex-Wife!”
  2. sexual harassment
    Pamela Anderson Doesn’t Care If You Disagree With Her Sexual-Harassment StanceShe previously said on Megyn Kelly Today that “You know what you’re getting into if you’re going into a hotel room alone.”
  3. stimulating conversation
    Pamela Anderson Is Happy to Have You Believe That She’s Dating Julian Assange“I have had more stimulating conversation with this man than all my ex husbands and lovers combined.”
  4. baywatch watch
    Hasselhoff Didn’t Want Anderson on BaywatchHe may have had ulterior motives.
  5. baywatch watch
    Pamela Anderson Joins Baywatch MovieThe prodigal Anderson’s return.
  6. the hoff
    Inside Comedy Central’s Roast of David HasselhoffThe Hoff gets hassled at the soon-to-air show’s taping.
  7. dancing with the stars
    Charo haunts Pamela Anderson on DWTSThe famous flamenco singer and comedian pays a visit to Pamela Anderson, and it gets kind of creepy.
  8. dancing with the stars
    Pamela Anderson’s Hilarious Auntie VieWe talk to the woman who warmed our hearts on ‘Dancing With the Stars.’
  9. dancing with the stars
    Who to Root for on Dancing With the Stars?The astronaut or the soap star?
  10. dancing with the stars
    Gosselin, Doherty, Lysacek to Dance With the Stars’Bachelor’ Jake will also hit the dance floor.
  11. dancing with the stars
    Dancing with the Stars Cast RumorsPam Anderson but not Paula Abdul? Bummer.
  12. quote machine
    Never Work With Children, Animals, or Ewan McGregor, Says George ClooneyDon’t look for Pamela Anderson to besmirch the legend of ‘Baywatch.’
  13. the industry
    Robert De Niro Thinking About Doing Some Acting for a ChangePlus: A hip-hop ‘Emma’ is coming to the screen, Leslie Mann escapes the Apatow Comedy-Industrial Complex, and ‘Brigadoon’ is headed to Broadway.