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  1. explainers
    Is Spotify Suing Songwriters? The Latest Legal Battle, ExplainedWhy all the big streaming companies are appealing a ruling that would force them to pay more to songwriters.
  2. pandora
    Pandora’s Premium on-Demand Streaming Service Is Coming in Early 2017For $10 a month.
  3. the jukebox
    Questlove to Make Pandora Cool Again by Hosting a Weekly ShowSorry, SiriusXM.
  4. Inside Pandora Comedy: Three Years In, the Promise and Limits of Streaming […]“Before I started working here, I didn’t realize there was an entire genre of comedy marketed specifically to truckers,” says Kelly Anneken, […]
  5. Pandora Rolling Out Personalized Comedy Stations This is genius, right? Apparently Pandora’s new comedy stations will give listeners the same personalized listening experience they’ve […]
  6. pandoras box
    James Cameron Knows the Na’vi Should Have Had Six Limbs, Made Concessions to Commercial ConcernsAlso, he’s sorry about the floating mountains.
  7. apropos of nothing
    Muxtape Shut Down by the Man, Pandora Probably NextMuxtape is possibly dead as Pandora fights for its life.