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  1. chat room
    Paolo Sorrentino Explains That Absurd Sheep Death Scene in Loro“With cinema, it’s not up to us to be real. Cinema is something fake.”
  2. movie review
    Paolo Sorrentino’s Loro Made Me Feel Dirty. I Can’t Wait to See It Again.Loro shows how Silvio Berlusconi created a reality-distortion field around him. Sound familiar?
  3. tiff 2018
    Paolo Sorrentino, Toni Servillo Don’t Really Care What Berlusconi Thinks of LoroFrom TIFF, the director and his frequent collaborator talk about Loro, the cinema of excess, and the similarities between Trump and Berlusconi.
  4. spinoffs
    Hold Onto Your Cherry Coke Zeros: A Young Pope Spinoff Is Coming to HBOPaolo Sorrentino is developing a new pope limited-series drama .
  5. the industry
    Why The Young Pope Was an Unexpected Victory for HBOA second season wouldn’t be surprising.
  6. anatomy of a scene
    Paolo Sorrentino Explains The Young Pope’s Opening CreditsThose paintings!
  7. look book
    All of Jude Law’s Looks in The Young PopeThe costume designers tell us how they created each one.
  8. close reads
    A Beginner’s Guide to The Young Pope’s Italian Filmmaker Paolo SorrentinoIf you want to understand The Young Pope, start here.
  9. chat room
    The Young Pope Creator on Why He Cast Jude Law“Jude is a wonderful actor who has an incredible ability to look childish and authoritative.”
  10. tca 2017
    Jude Law Can’t Get Enough of Your Young Pope Memes“They’re very funny, and they’re very imaginative.”
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    Play The Young Pope Drinking GameBottoms up!
  12. tv review
    The Young Pope Is Compelling, But StrangeIt’s five or six shows in one, and not necessarily in a good way.
  13. the young pope
    So, What Is The Young Pope Actually About?He’s the first American pope, he’s very young, and he’s coming to HBO.
  14. trailer mix
    The upcoming film from the Oscar-winning director of ‘The Great Beauty’The upcoming film from the Oscar-winning director of The Great Beauty.
  15. the industry
    Sean Penn to Play Rock-Star Nazi HunterPlus: ‘Battleship: The Movie.’
  16. paolo sorrentino
    Five Reasons Why Paolo Sorrentino Will Save World Cinema’Il Divo’ is the first of his works to open theatrically in the U.S., but Sorrentino has been making some of the most stylistically exciting films of recent years.