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Paper Towns

  1. movie review
    Paper Towns Finds Something Special Amid All of the MelodramaIt’s the rare movie that can sacrifice the clean lines of fantasy for the messiness of ordinary life.
  2. influences
    John Green on 12 of His Biggest InfluencesIncluding Toni Morrison and Jimmy Stewart.
  3. party chat
    What the Director of Paper Towns Thinks of Its Confederate Flag Joke“You get one ‘fuck’ in a PG-13 movie … and I wish we had said that at that point.”
  4. slurs
    John Green Knows He Shouldn’t Have Used the ‘R-word’ in Paper Towns“Yeah, I regret it.”
  5. trailer mix
    Watch the New Paper Towns Trailer“If there’s a tuba there, it’s not a party.”
  6. summer movie preview 2015
    Finally, a Summer Movie Season for WomenComedies, dramas, action movies, all of them led by women.
  7. trailer mix
    Paper Towns Trailer: Manic Pixie Dream Cara Delevingne“Margo Roth Spiegelman.” 
  8. movies
    Cara Delevingne Will Star in the Latest John Green AdaptationYes, that Cara Delevingne.