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  1. reboots
    New Power Rangers Reboot Begins With The End of the F***ing World DirectorThe movie will reportedly send the Rangers time-traveling back to (where else?) the ‘90s.
  2. robert evans
    The Astoundingly True Story of The Cotton Club, a Movie That Wouldn’t DieIn honor of the life of legendary producer Robert Evans, we’re revisiting the film that almost made him lose his tan.
  3. the big cheese
    ‘It’s Been One Hell of a Ride’: Robert Evans Looks Back on His Legendary LifeDecades before his death at 89, the Paramount Pictures executive published a notorious account of sex, drugs, and politics in Hollywood.
  4. the industry
    Cobra’s Gonna Be Working Overtime: New G.I. Joe Spinoff in the WorksIn addition to the other G.I. Joe spinoff currently in the works at Paramount.
  5. mother!
    Paramount Responds to Mother! BacklashIf you’re not into it, they’re not that concerned.
  6. reboot
    Paramount Plans to Reboot The SaintRemember the last version in 1997? It starred Val Kilmer? No?
  7. the little prince
    The Little Prince Loses U.S. Distribution a Week Before Its Release“All I can say is [The Little Prince] will in fact be released by another distributor later this year.”
  8. scandals
    Emile Hirsch Might Have Assaulted a Film ExecutiveWho works at Paramount Pictures.
  9. paramount pictures
    Check Out a Poster Commemorating the 100th Anniversary of Paramount PicturesIf only these were puzzle pieces.
  10. prequels
    Paramount Makes Deal for Godfather PrequelA book, not a movie. At least not yet.
  11. exclusive
    Vulture Exclusive: The Jack Ryan Franchise Gets Lost Director Jack BenderVulture has learned exclusively that Bender is a cat’s breath away from landing the job.
  12. aliens
    Paramount Bullish on Cheap, Top-Secret Alien MoviesParamount just snapped a spec script for something called ‘Confidential Alien Project.’
  13. Paramount Sure Has Spent Lots of Money on The Last Airbender$280 million dollars in fact.
  14. the industry
    Industry Roundup: Jason Sudeikis to Murder His Horrible BossPlus: Cary Elwes gets frisky with Natalie Portman.
  15. money
    Anchorman 2 Still Alive, Just Too ExpensiveThe studio thinks it should cost $40 million.
  16. anchorman
    Paramount Passes on Anchorman Sequel, McKay Says“We tried,” the director tweets.
  17. the industry
    Industry, Bacon, Footloose, Patton OswaltPlus: Chris Rock takes on Kurosawa for his next remake.
  18. crestfallenness
    Walter Kirn on His Oscar Snub: ‘I Just Feel Crestfallenness’“People vastly overestimate the amount you get paid when your novel becomes a movie, and for me to go to the Oscars would have been good publicity.”
  19. beef
    Can Somebody Get Poor Walter Kirn a Ticket to the Oscars?“Caution to writers: Don’t expect that because you write a novel that becomes an Oscar-nominated film that you’ll be invited to the Oscars.”
  20. vampires
    The Lovely Bones Hoodwinks Twilight Fans Out of $20 MillionHow did the critically maligned ‘Bones’ make $20 million this weekend? By pretending to be ‘Twilight,’ pretty much.
  21. the industry
    Bill Murray Won’t Let Mickey Rourke and Megan Fox Fall in LovePlus: ‘Paranormal Activity 2’ will scare you to death in eleven short months.
  22. paranormal activity
    Paramount to Open a Paranormal Activity-ish DivisionDid you love that movie? Want to see a whole bunch more just like it?
  23. the industry
    Matthew McConaughey to Animate His BrotherPlus: Cary Elwes plays Sam Shepard’s son.
  24. jackass
    Jackass 3D Sure to be Most Disgusting Movie EverThe future of cinema is now.
  25. the industry
    Morgan Freeman Is a Dirty Old ManPlus: Julia Roberts! ‘Roger Rabbit’ Part Deux!
  26. money
    Maker of Year’s Most Profitable Movie Can’t Catch a BreakThe director of ‘Paranormal Activity’ is scaring away distributors with the relatively high price of its follow-up.
  27. beef
    Kenny Ortega Tells Paramount It Can’t Fire Him From Directing Footloose Because He Already QuitNo Ortega? No Efron? No fun.
  28. ninja turtles
    Nickelodeon Buys the Ninja TurtlesAnd they’re making a new TV show.
  29. go joe!
    Will G.I. Joe’s Early DVD Release Kill Movie Theaters?“We don’t know what Paramount is up to, but it’s highly objectionable,” says the prez of the National Association of Theatre Owners.
  30. vulture lists
    5 Things We Actually Enjoyed About G.I. JoeIt wasn’t anything even remotely resembling a good film, but it was definitely a fun movie in spots.
  31. twins!
    G.I. Joe and Team America: Exactly the SameOver at AMC’s Future of Classic blog, Bilge Ebiri enumerates the many similarities between ‘G.I. Joe: Rise of the Cobra’ and ‘Team America: World Police.’
  32. bo
    Paramount to Movie Critics: Who Needs You?’G.I. Joe’ grossed an estimated $56.2 million at the domestic box office this weekend.
  33. marketing
    G.I. Joe Marketers Launch $150 Million Offensive in Middle AmericaParamount is skipping the coasts for this one.
  34. casting couch
    Natalie Portman Loves a Man Who Speaks Softly But Carries a Big HammerShe’s been cast as the love interest in ‘Thor.’
  35. moneyballs
    So How Bad Was Soderbergh’s Revised Moneyball Script?Three studios agree: bad!
  36. spin city
    Embattled G.I. Joe Producer Defends Embattled G.I. Joe DirectorMum’s still the word at Paramount, though.
  37. impending disasters
    Update: G.I. Joe Looking Like a Bomb of Epic ProportionsRumors are flying that the film’s director has been fired from the project.
  38. hype
    Slightly Less Boring Iron Man 2 Photo EmergesJust show us Mickey Rourke already!
  39. consider the source
    New Star Trek Is Great, Say People Who Would’ve Been Just As Happy Watching Wrath of KhanWith just a few minor reservations, a theater full of people who’d have been just as excited to see a 27-year-old movie can recommend the new ‘Star Trek,’ which they saw for free.
  40. typecasting
    Zac Efron Won’t Be Kicking Off His Sunday Shoes, After AllHe’s dropped out of ‘Footloose’ because he’s afraid of being typecast.
  41. economic woes
    Lack of 3-D Theaters Looks to Dent the Box-office Potential of Monsters vs. AliensFingers crossed that James Cameron doesn’t read this post.
  42. decisions decisions decisions
    Studios Still Not Sure Which Movies to Advertise During Super BowlWhat to do, what to do?
  43. impending disasters
    Bra-Stuffing Allegations Add to Bad Buzz for G.I. JoeIs this film an early front-runner for a 2009 Razzie? We sure think so!
  44. backlash
    Early Negative Reaction to G.I. Joe Teaser Gives Paramount the JittersYet another instance of bloggers ruining everything.
  45. the industry
    Marisa Tomei to Play Jonah Hill’s MomPlus: a dog, a cat, and a rabbit in prototype combat suits!
  46. the industry
    Hilary Swank Has Landlord ProblemsPlus: ‘Romancing the Stone’ gets a remake.
  47. Paramount Demands the Immediate Removal of Vulture’s Fake ‘Beverly Hills Cop IV’ ScriptWho could possibly have imagined we would’ve imagined the exact same dialogue, scene headings, camera directions, and page numbers as the script’s Paramount-hired authors!
  48. the industry
    Chris Rock to Attend ‘Funeral’Plus: Brett Ratner to direct movie. Wait, come back!
  49. beef
    Paramount Execs Unaware of ‘South Park’ Indy RapeApparently Paramount executives missed Wednesday night’s episode of ‘South Park.’
  50. splits
    DreamWorks-Paramount Divorce Made Official, David Geffen OutThe details of the separation between DreamWorks and Paramount were finalized over the weekend.
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