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  1. vulture lists
    11 Not-So-Scary Halloween Movies to Watch If You’re a WimpEven wusses need something to watch this weekend.
  2. box office zilch
    Expendables 2 Leads Box OfficeParaNorman comes in third.
  3. movie review
    Movie Review: ParaNorman Is a Charming, If Ambling, Animated FilmMade by the same studio that did Coraline, this 3-D animated movie is full of nostalgia for shlocky old horror flicks.
  4. chat room
    Christopher Mintz-Plasse on His Naked Alone Time“There are days I like going out, and days I like to sit naked with the remote control on my thigh, watching Breaking Bad.”
  5. Anna Kendrick on Her Geek Cred“I’m only medium geek.”
  6. exclusive
    Exclusive ParaNorman Clip: Attack of the Toilet Paper Monsters!It’s the new stop-motion movie from the makers of Coraline.
  7. paranorman
    Watch a Featurette About the Making of ParanormanSo, we don’t need to bring our nephew to see this, right?
  8. paranorman
    Watch a Stop-Motion Paranorman FeaturetteHe’s alive!