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  1. advice
    Will Having a Baby Slow Down My Career?Women in the business should be asking for (and getting) everything right now.
  2. dad jokes
    Andy Samberg Says Saturday Night Live Was ‘Good Training for Parenthood’“The sleep deprivation part of it has been like, ‘Oh, right — this feeling,’” he told the New York Times.
  3. the streaming wars
    Suck It, Netflix! 30 Rock Is Going to Hulu This OctoberParenthood and Paul Reiser’s former Seeso series There’s Johnny are also coming to Hulu.
  4. Mindy Kaling Speaks Out About Her Pregnancy for the First Time“I have a lot of control over a lot of aspects of my life and this is one where I’m like, Okay, it’s out of my hands, which is kind of a fun feeling.”
  5. close reads
    Why This is Us Is More Popular Than Friday Night Lights and Parenthood Ever WereUnlike those shows, This Is Us reassures its audience that everything happens for a reason.
  6. Craig T. Nelson Goes From Parenthood to Being Raised by WolvesNelson will play a “cheerfully entitled” grandpa on the series.
  7. Read Patton Oswalt’s Wonderful Essay on Learning How to Be a Single FatherPatton Oswalt has a wonderful new essay at GQ today where he reflects on the sudden death of his wife and “super-mom” Michelle McNamara earlier […]
  8. parenthood revival
    Lauren Graham Wants a Parenthood Revival Series “*Sits at home waiting for script @nbcParenthood: A Year in the Life*” she tweeted.
  9. gilmore girls
    Mae Whitman Joins Gilmore Girls RevivalCrossover!
  10. the bittersweet passage of time
    Jason Katims Wants to Revisit Parenthood After Seeing BoyhoodBack in the ’hood.
  11. checking in
    Parenthood Has Lost Itself This SeasonWe need more from you, Bravermans.
  12. overnights
    Parenthood Recap: Carpe BravermanParenthood is back, and we felt all the feels and cried all the cries.
  13. year in culture 2012
    Matt Zoller Seitz’s Favorite Drama Episodes of 2012Now it’s time to get serious.
  14. casting couch
    Once Star to Bring Yet More Emotions to ParenthoodHmmm, these emotions just aren’t raw enough. Someone! Grab a guitar!
  15. season premieres
    Parenthood’s Slightly Worrisome ReturnHurray, the Bravermans are back! But what’s the guy from Driveshaft doing there?
  16. last night on late night
    Julie Delpy Explained Her Vaginal RejuvenationPlus: Will Ferrell hysterically bemoaned that “trampire” Kristen Stewart’s infidelity, and more, on our daily late-night roundup.
  17. casting couch
    Parenthood Casts Another FNL ActorMatt Lauria, a.k.a. Luke Cafferty.
  18. casting couch
    Ray Romano Heading to ParenthoodMiss you, Men of a Certain Age.
  19. renewals
    Parenthood Gets a Fourth SeasonTeam Braverman.
  20. getting the band back together
    Nine TV Meta-Reunions We Want to SeeIf Parks and Recreation can bring West Wing together, can’t Homeland reunite My So-Called Life?
  21. vulture lists
    Parenthood’s Five Weepiest Moments in Season ThreeIs it getting dusty in here?
  22. clickables
    Watch the Cast of Parenthood Lip-Dub to ‘Girl on TV’Get down, Craig T. Nelson.
  23. Let’s Explore TV’s Extended Family Trees, Courtesy of Frequent Guest Moms and DadsBunny from Sex and the City is the missing mom link between Sex and the City, Cheers, and Parenthood.
  24. What Are the Odds That 26 As-Yet-Unrenewed ‘Bubble’ TV Shows Will Come Back?We rate 26 shows’ odds of survival, on a scale of Work It (as good as dead) to 2 Broke Girls (a slam dunk for coming back next season).
  25. nbc
    Watch the Casts of NBC Shows Sing ‘Brotherhood of Man’Can Mariska Hargitay dance, or can Mariska Hargitay dance?
  26. tv
    9 Questionable Fashion Choices From Parenthood’s AmberWhat a jaunty top, apparently made from her own skin.
  27. tv
    Seven Great Returning Shows and How Newbies Can Still Get In On Them’Parenthood,’ ‘Archer,’ and ‘The Good Wife’: We tell you all you need to know to seamlessly hop into their new seasons.
  28. tv
    Jason Ritter Signs On for a Jason Katims DramaPlease let it be about the stabilizing and empowering force of love and leadership.
  29. the vulture transcript
    The Showrunner Transcript: Parenthood and Friday Night Lights’ Jason Katims on Portraying Families Realistically“Everybody’s best foot forward.”
  30. breakdown
    What Parenthood Gets Right About Families and Drama — and Three Things It Just Gets WrongCome for the open sobbing, stay for the terrific acting!
  31. books
    Lauren Graham Is Publishing a NovelIt’s about a struggling actress.
  32. compare and contrast
    Where Are They Now? Comparing the Friday Night Lights Characters to Their New RolesIn case you’re not ready to say good-bye.
  33. clickables
    Watch Ben From Lost Play an Asperger’s-Having Insect Lover on ParenthoodMichael Emerson guests as a bug expert.
  34. the industry
    Vulture Rates the Odds of Survival of TV’s Bubble ShowsWe turn the Bubble Meter on ‘Community,’ ‘CSI: Miami,’ ‘Mike & Molly’ and many more to see if they’ll be coming back.
  35. coincidences
    Alert: Dead Birds Now Showing Up on Prime-Time-TV ShowsFirst they fall out of the sky, then they fall out of the sky on ‘Parenthood.’ Freaky!
  36. your tv ratings explained
    V and Live to Dance Bow to Solid If Unspectacular RatingsAnd ‘Parenthood’ did well!
  37. tv review
    Nussbaum: Giving Thanks for Parenthood’Parenthood’ could easily be condemned for its yuppie navel-gazing. I say, bring on the navels. Let us gaze.
  38. your tv ratings explained
    Your TV Ratings Explained: CBS Won’t Stop DominatingCBS finished first for the fifth week in a row, the first time a network has placed first for the first five weeks of a season since 1997.
  39. your tv ratings explained
    TV Ratings: Oops! … Glee Does It AgainYou’re a slave for ‘Glee,’ America.
  40. casting couch
    Lauren Graham to Be Romanced by a BaldwinBilly will guest-star on ‘Parenthood’ next season.
  41. boohoo
    Mae Whitman, the Best Crier on TelevisionCheck her out in ‘Parenthood.’
  42. pickup lines
    Parenthood Picked Up for a Second SeasonIt’s back.
  43. chat room
    Peter Krause on ParenthoodThe actor discusses returning to network TV, ‘Parenthood”s rocky start, and how he’s no big fan of ‘True Blood.’
  44. casting couch
    Lauren Graham Confirmed for ParenthoodLet’s just hope NBC doesn’t decide to cancel the show before we get a chance to see it!
  45. casting couch
    Helen Hunt Out for Parenthood; Lauren Graham In?Talks between NBC and Hunt fell apart, presumably over salary issues.
  46. the industry
    Peter Berg Officially SunkPlus: Ed Harris! Tia Carrere!
  47. health
    Maura Tierney Departs ParenthoodOwing to her ongoing treatment for breast cancer, Maura Tierney has been forced to leave NBC’s upcoming dramedy ‘Parenthood.’
  48. health
    Maura Tierney Discusses the Health Issue That’s Postponing the Premiere of ParenthoodShe tells ‘Us’ magazine, “I have discovered a tumor in my breast which requires surgery.”
  49. reboots
    NBC’s Parenthood Gets Pushed Back to Mid-Season Amid Concerns for Maura Tierney’s HealthProduction of the show has been delayed by eight weeks.
  50. parenthood
    Wanted: Lil Wayne Impersonator to Fool Blind 16-Year-Old“My son is blind so you do not need to look like the rapper just sound like him. I understand he grunts and mumbles a lot.”
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