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  1. snl
    SNL’s Solution for Parents in Quarantine: ‘Let Kids Drink’Due to the unusual circumstances, it’s time to make this new rule official.
  2. parental controls
    TikTok Disables DMs for Users Under 16 One Day Before Charli D’Amelio’s BirthdayConvenient.
  3. pop tarts
    Zoë Kravitz Reveals the Difference Between Lenny Kravitz and Lisa Bonet’s HousesThe classic East Coast–West Coast divide: Pop-Tarts and Spice Girls versus dusty VHS tapes and The Little Rascals.
  4. rip
    SportsCenter’s Elle Duncan Gives a Tearful Tribute to ‘Girl Dad’ Kobe Bryant“I would have five more girls if I could.”
  5. close reads
    The Mandalorian Doesn’t Care About DiapersA series uninterested in the details of parenting indulges a very particular image of fatherhood: the guy who doesn’t have to sweat the small stuff.
  6. baby shark
    What Do They Do-Do-Do-Do-Do-Do-Do at Baby Shark Live?On tour, two minutes of song become 80 minutes of kid bliss.
  7. name of thrones
    So You Named Your Kid Daenerys. How’s That Feel Now?Talking with Game of Thrones fans who (still) don’t regret naming their daughters after Khaleesi.
  8. vulture recommends
    Parenthood Ain’t Easy, But These Great Comedies Embrace the ChaosShows like Better Things, Catastrophe, and SMILF turn the hard work of raising children into brutally honest comedy.
  9. oscars 2019
    Can You Guess the Oscar Film From the IMDb Parents Guide Content Warning?Worried about which Oscar nominees you can share with your children? So are others. Can you guess which movies the parents of IMDb are describing?
  10. Finding the Humor in Parenting with ‘One Bad Mother’I’ve been keeping tabs on motherhood for about a year now; out of the corner of my eye, I can see it coming at me sometime in the next few […]
  11. An Excerpt from ‘Man vs. Child: One Dad’s Guide to the Weirdness of […] WHAT WILL TODDLERS EAT? Food used to be one of your top five things—remember brunch?—but toddlers ruin food. You try to serve them […]
  12. Read Patton Oswalt’s Wonderful Essay on Learning How to Be a Single FatherPatton Oswalt has a wonderful new essay at GQ today where he reflects on the sudden death of his wife and “super-mom” Michelle McNamara earlier […]
  13. game of thrones
    The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly Parents of Game of ThronesAt once achingly familiar and terrifyingly unreal.
  14. David Letterman Reflects on TV, Retirement, Montana, and FatherhoodMontana’s Whitefish Review has a new interview out this week with David Letterman, and it’s a great read for fans of the former late night host […]
  15. babies
    Jane the Virgin’s Radically Frank Depiction of Early MotherhoodBabies have been conspicuously sidelined on TV — until now.
  16. bad parents
    In The Slap, Kids Are Just Satellites, Orbiting Adults Behaving BadlyThese are people with messy lives; kids are just another smudge.
  17. parenting
    Time to Know Everything About January Jones’s Placenta Vitamins“It’s not witch-crafty or anything!”
  18. Clueless Parents Believe The Onion’s Childbearing AdviceThis week in People Thinking Onion Articles Are Real, people think an Onion article is real. The California Parenting Institute has been […]
  19. music
    Insane Clown Baby: Watch a Juggalo’s Guide to Parenting“Who’s a wicked baby??”
  20. parenting
    Patton Oswalt’s Infant Daughter Improves Action MovieWe didn’t think that ‘Crank: High Voltage’ could possibly be improved by having children, but then again, what do we know?