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Park Avenue Armory

  1. dance review
    Bill T. Jones’s Deep Blue Sea Includes Everything and the Kitchen SinkA piece of art that’s awash in its own ideas.
  2. the videodome
    Dance 6 Feet Away From David Byrne While Reliving His Social Distance Dance ClubWatch the making-of documentary for Social!, since you probably couldn’t score tickets.
  3. theater review
    Enemy of the People Wants You to Choose Your Own MisadventureThe flashiest theater event since the shutdown is an interactive mixed bag.
  4. art
    Dancing on Your Own (With 99 Other People)A temporary club for our in-between moment.
  5. theater review
    At the Armory, Judgment Day Shows Its Cast No MercyAnd in Brooklyn, JACK lands in a congenial new space.
  6. theater review
    Theater Review: Turning the Crash Into Entertainment With The Lehman TrilogyThe lead-up to the downfall.
  7. opera review
    Opera Review: The Unseen Great War, in William Kentridge’s The Head and the LoadThe North Africa campaign that the West often forgets about.
  8. theater review
    Theater Review: Ivo van Hove’s The Damned Pulls the World Into the ArmoryTheater Review: Ivo van Hove’s The Damned Pulls the World Into the Armory
  9. music review
    Music Review: A Double Dose of Pierre Boulez’s RéponsThe composer’s electronic manifesto returns.
  10. new york’s hottest art installation
    Cate Blanchett’s Weirdest Movie Is 13 Characters on 12 Movie Screens in One RoomStefon would love it.
  11. De Materie: ’80s Avant-Garde at the Armory“Bafflement, awe, pleasure, and frustration.”
  12. At the Armory, tears become … streams become …Part performance art, part concert, all about water.
  13. At the Armory and Carnegie Hall, the Berlin Philharmonic’s Retro ReinventionSimon Rattle leads the freshest-sounding 132-year-old around.
  14. opera
    The Problems, and Power, of The PassengerA Holocaust opera at the Armory.
  15. performance art
    Radical Filmmaker Adam Curtis Storms the Armory With Massive Attack“We live in a toxic sarcophagus.”
  16. Jerry Saltz on the Armory’s (Very, Very Dirty) Paul McCarthy Show Guess what? The New York Post is offended.