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  1. Nick Offerman Talks His Run-Ins with Steve Carell and Michael ScottIn a great interview with the AV Club, Nick Offerman talks about all the classic Nick Offerman things, like how there should be more fishing on […]
  2. Aubrey Plaza Steps Out of a Robert Palmer Video and onto ‘Letterman’ For how deadpan she often plays, Plaza tends to be endearingly nervous on late night talk shows. I guess she really does “live everyday in […]
  3. Nick Offerman’s Opinion on Dan Harmon’s Firing“It was crazy, but not surprising. Dan [Harmon] has been notoriously difficult with NBC. And then he had that really public Chevy Chase feud. I […]
  4. Nick Offerman Explains How He Makes Out with His Wife for TVNick Offerman and Megan Mullally are America’s cool parents. Actually, they’re more like America’s sexually charged aunt and uncle. Recently, […]
  5. Chelsea Peretti Officially Leaving ‘Parks & Recreation’Also in today’s Parks & Recreation walkthrough, Michael Schur was asked about Parks writer Chelsea Peretti: “Chelsea’s leaving our show, […]
  6. What Somewhat Famous Person Was the Basis for Andy Dwyer?As part of the AV CLUB walkthrough of this season of Parks & Recreation, Michael Schur addressed where the character of Andy came […]
  7. Walk Through Every Episode of this Season of ‘Parks & Recreation’Parks & Recreation Season 4 is getting the A.V. Club walkthrough treatment, with showrunner Michael Schur getting into both the nitty and […]
  8. Nick Offerman Discusses Meeting Amy Poehler and Orange HairWay before Nick played Amy’s boss, the two met as struggling actor-types in Chicago. In a recent interview Nick described the first time they […]
  9. Harris Wittels Signs Overall Deal with Universal TVIt seems like Harris’s Foam Corner is going to get a lot foamier. (In that sentence foam represented success, I guess?) Harris just signed a […]
  10. Is ‘New Girl’ the First ‘Post-Post-9/11 Show?’ In an interview with Written By, New Girl executive producer Brett Baer explain his theory: When we tested the show, after we put the pilot […]
  11. Shows You Like Were Nominated for TCA AwardsLast night, the Television Critics Association released their nominations for the 28th annual TCA awards, which I’m pretty sure is different […]
  12. The Critics’ Choice Awards Loves Themselves Some ‘Community’ and ‘Parks & […]If only the Critics’ Choice Television Awards decided all television decisions. Garnering six nominations, Community was the most nominated […]
  13. Ben Schwartz To Run Alongside Timberlake and Affleck; Talk Alongside […]Ben Schwartz has been cast in the upcoming drama Runner, Runner. Set in the world of online gambling, Justin Timberlake plays a totally […]
  14. Talking with Joe Mande about the Final Totally J/K, ‘Parks & Rec’, and […]With Johnny Cash’s “Hurt” and Elton John’s “Candle in the Wind” playing over the soundsystem, the atmosphere was decidedly somber at the […]
  15. Joe Mande to Write for ‘Parks & Recreation’At around 2:00pm today, Joe Mande announced via Tweet (check it out below) that he was hired as a writer on Parks & Recreation and he’ll be […]
  16. Nick Offerman Is Hollywood’s New Blonde BombshellThe Man who Makes Offers, Nick Offerman has been seen around town with bleached blonde hair and beard. When Entertainment Weekly asked him […]
  17. NBC Offers Up Their New Schedule and Clips from Their New ComediesYesterday was officially Mother’s Day but, when NBC announced its projected fall lineup, it felt more like Christmas. How about another […]
  18. ‘Community’ Was Renewed and Other Less Exciting NewsHip! Hip!.. Hopefully, you added, “Hooray” because it’s time to celebrate. Community will be renewed for a fourth season. The order will be for […]
  19. Alcohol Is the Secret Element in Amy Poehler and Adam Scott’s Chemistry“Even if it’s a scene that doesn’t involve kissing, we get sooo drunk before our scene. Even if it’s a scene where we’re just talking across […]
  20. David Wain to Make Paul Rudd and Amy Poehler Romance Each Other ComicallyIt seems like, regardless of tonight’s election results, Leslie Knope and Bobby Newport will be able to work together in the future. Variety is […]
  21. Report from the Frontlines of Nick Offerman’s College TourNick Offerman just loves playing with the Ron Swanson iconography projected upon him; though, if you could be seen as badass as the Son of […]
  22. Amy Poehler Talks Being Naked in ‘Who is ‘Mark Pelpy"?’ with Jimmy FallonAmy Poehler is the best. Amy Poehler was the best on Fallon last night. This is all across the board the best. Truly, every part of her […]
  23. Slightly More ‘Parks & Recreation’ to Be Put OnlineLike they did with last week’s episode “The Debate,” NBC will post extended versions of the final two episodes of Parks & Recreation online […]
  24. Louis C.K. and ‘Bridesmaids’ Were the Comedy Awards’ King and QueenThe Comedy Awards taped this weekend and will air on May 6th on Comedy Central. So stop reading if you are super into the Comedy Awards and […]
  25. Chris Pratt Answers Questions, Is LoveableYou ever get the feeling that the stars of Parks & Recreation knowingly act like their characters? Nick Offerman seems to revel in the […]
  26. Don Draper and Buddy Garrity to be on NBC Comedies this Thursday NightJon Hamm was on The Nerdist podcast this week and said that he will be making an appearance on this week’s live 30 Rock. This is very exciting […]