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  1. the streaming wars
    Parks and Rec Is Leaving Every Other Platform for NBC’s Streaming ServiceNo more Hulu. No more Netflix.
  2. treat yo self
    Amy Poehler Is ‘Avengers-Style Ready’ to Revive Parks and Recreation“I should probably play harder to get but that’s really not me.”
  3. vulture lists
    Every Parks and Recreation Crossover in The Good PlaceLi’l Sebastian and Paunch Burger, they live!
  4. easter eggs
    Holy Fork, Did You Spot Li’l Sebastian on The Good Place?The Parks and Recreation icon paid an afterlife visit to Michael’s neighborhood.
  5. roll clip!
    Beyoncé Is the Key to Unlocking a Parks and Recreation RevivalJust think of Pawnee.
  6. march for our lives
    The Parks and Recreation Gang Reunited for a Very Special Reason This WeekendJust say Knope to guns.
  7. hosting duties
    Aziz Ansari to Make SNL Hosting DebutHe’ll master this.
  8. In a Standout Final Season Episode, ‘Parks and Rec’ Became ‘The Johnny […] ‘Structurally Sound’ is a recurring feature where each week a different structurally unusual, rule-breaking anomaly of an episode from a […]
  9. Natalie Morales on ‘The Grinder,’ ‘Parks and Rec,’ and Cuba As a young girl growing up in the Miami area, Natalie Morales first dreamt of becoming an astronaut before shifting her attention to becoming […]
  10. emmys 2015
    Watch Andy Samberg Spoof the Mad Men FinaleDammit, Jerry!
  11. behind the scenes
    Life As Amy Poehler’s Parks and Rec Stand-in Sounds Super Chill“Try keeping a straight face while reading lines with people who are paid to be funny — it’s nearly impossible.”
  12. ama
    Here Are the Best Answers From Aziz Ansari’s Reddit AMAFeaturing some updates about his new Netflix show.
  13. Watch the Delightful Season 7 ‘Parks and Recreation’ Gag ReelThe final Parks and Recreation gag reel ever hit the internet today, so even though the show’s been off the air since February, this latest […]
  14. The Beauty of Workplace Proximity and True Friendship in ‘Parks and Rec’s […]‘Genie in a Bottle’ is a recurring feature where each week a different bottle episode (an episode set entirely in one location, often designed […]
  15. Watch the Producer’s Cut of the ‘Parks and Recreation’ Series FinaleIn case Tuesday night’s Parks and Recreation series finale didn’t give you enough closure, NBC uploaded the full 53-minute producer’s cut that […]
  16. How ‘Parks and Rec’ Transcended its Mockumentary RootsNBC’s Parks and Recreation ended its seven-season run Tuesday night and will go down as undoubtedly my favorite sitcom of its era. Created as a […]
  17. The ‘Parks and Recreation’ Cast Talk the Series Finale on ‘Late Night’Last night’s Late Night was an extra special episode for two reasons – not only was it dedicated to the end of Parks and Recreation with the […]
  18. we miss you already
    Parks and Rec Crew Was As Nostalgic As You WereThere were some drunk tweets, some throwback tweets, some picture tweets, and so on and so on.
  19. Read a New Oral History of ‘Parks and Recreation’Not long after posting a comprehensive oral history of the Upright Citizens Brigade, Uproxx has a brand new oral history out today on the […]
  20. The Idealistic Legacy of ‘Parks and Recreation’Next Tuesday, when the lights go out at Pawnee City Hall, when JJ’s Diner cooks up its last waffles, when Councilman Dexhart has his final […]
  21. How ‘Parks and Rec’ Landed Last Night’s Surprise Bill Murray CameoWith only two episodes left in the series, Parks and Recreation revealed a huge surprise last night that’s been a longtime dream of the cast […]
  22. Watch Ron Swanson Solve the ‘Lady Gaga of Scavenger Hunts’ in a Cut ‘Parks […]The next two episodes of Parks and Recreation air on NBC tonight, and the network released a clip today of the original cold open from the […]
  23. The ‘Parks and Rec’ Cast Will Appear on ‘Late Night’ After the Series […]NBC is rushing through the seventh and final season of Parks and Recreation by airing two episodes every Tuesday night, and the big finale is […]
  24. Mike Schur on the End of ‘Parks and Recreation’ and NBC’s Thursday Night […]If you’ve been a TV comedy fan within the past ten years, chances are that Mike Schur is behind one of your favorite shows. An original writer […]
  25. The Stars of ‘Parks and Rec’ Reflect on the Final SeasonParks and Recreation returns for its farewell season in one week, and to amp up the emotion NBC released the above video of Amy Poehler, Nick […]
  26. castings
    Look for Paul Rudd in Parks and Recreation’s Final SeasonAs Bobby Newport, of course.
  27. Nick Offerman Talks About Wrapping Up ‘Parks and Rec’, Filling His Pants […] Nick Offerman was on The Tonight Show last night, and he talked with Fallon about the final day of shooting Parks and Rec. It sounds like it […]
  28. Here’s the First Trailer for ‘Parks and Rec’s Final SeasonParks and Recreation returns to NBC for its seventh and final season on January 13th, and the network released the first trailer today […]
  29. ‘Parks and Rec’s Final Season Premieres January 13th and Ends February 24thNBC is rushing the final season of Parks and Recreation on a new time slot far away from the once-great NBC Thursday comedy block. According to […]
  30. Rashida Jones, Rob Lowe, and Jon Hamm Will Show Up in the Final Season of […]NBC’s Parks and Recreation is gearing up for its grand finale, and some old friends are set to show up throughout the season. In addition to […]
  31. Talking with Megan Amram About Her New Book ‘Science…For Her!’I don’t want to start this by talking about Twitter and how it’s now used for more than sharing up to the second news, opinions on that news, […]
  32. Nick Offerman on The Simpsons and Parks & Rec“Hollywood is a very fickle whorehouse …”
  33. Ben Schwartz Explains How His Haircut Led to a Role on ‘Parks and Rec’“Prior to that, my hair was crazy. I’d been working with Mitch Hurwitz on a pilot, and I mentioned needing to get a haircut. But he’s like, […]
  34. Werner Herzog to Cameo in ‘Parks and Rec,’ Which He’s Never Seen BeforeGerman filmmaker and documentarian Werner Herzog is set to show up next season on Parks and Recreation. During an event at the Brooklyn Academy […]
  35. Rachel Dratch and Megan Mullally Will Appear in the Final Season of ‘Parks […]Parks and Recreation’s next season will be its last, and the show is lining up some special guest stars. Entertainment Weekly reports that Amy […]
  36. Please Enjoy the Season 6 ‘Parks and Rec’ Gag Reel Starring Li’l SebastianProduction has begun on the seventh and final season of Parks and Recreation, but before you get too sad to see the last survivor of the […]
  37. parks and rec
    Amy Poehler Dreams of Bette MidlerDoesn’t everyone?
  38. Mike Schur Gives a Spoiler-Filled Explanation of ‘Parks and Rec’s Season […]Last night’s Parks and Rec finale featured a lot of surprises, and Hitfix has an interview with Parks and Recreation co-creator/showrunner Mike […]
  39. ‘Parks and Recreation’ Renewed for Seventh SeasonAt a Television Critics Association panel over the weekend, NBC chairman Robert Greenblatt was pressed about whether or not Parks and Rec would […]
  40. Amy Poehler and Jon Glaser Duet on ‘Summer Nights’ Here’s a preview for tonights Parks and Rec, in which Leslie Knope and Councilman Jamm duet to “Summer Nights” from Grease at a karaoke event. […]
  41. Watch ‘Parks and Recreation’s Season 5 Gag Reel From Parks and Recreation’s season 5 DVD, here’s the blooper reel for the entire season of the show. It’s 22 minutes, as long as an episode of […]
  42. This Week in Comedy: Two Leave ‘Parks and Rec,’ and ‘The Simpsons’ Nears […]-Rashida Jones and Robe Lowe are both leaving Parks and Recreation. Showrunner Mike Schur explained the decision was creative, not financial, […]
  43. Talking to Jon Glaser About ‘Parks and Rec,’ ‘Girls,’ and the ‘Delocated’ […]It’s probably going to be a while ‘til we see another show like Delocated. The Adult Swim live-action series comes to an end tonight after […]
  44. It’s That Episode 51: Aubrey Plaza’s Brush with Reality TVOn “It’s That Episode” Craig Rowin (UCB Theatre) invites guests over to watch any episode of any TV show they want. They discuss the episode […]
  45. ‘Parks and Rec’ Showrunner Michael Schur Is Handing Out Season 5 Spoilers […]Entertainment Weekly just published a series of spoilers from Parks and Recreation’s showrunner Michael Schur, but with the names of the […]
  46. Splitsider’s Fall Comedy Preview: TVIt’s that time of year again. The new fall TV season! When the networks trot out a shaggy bunch of new shows, and in six months, half of them […]
  47. Here are 17 Minutes of ‘Parks and Rec’ Bloopers to Improve Your Next 17 […] Here’s the blooper reel from season 4 of Parks and Rec, presumably taken from the DVD set of that season. It is long and full of the sorts of […]
  48. The Biggest Liars, Braggarts, and Braggadocios in Sitcom HistoryThis #NoBollocks content was produced in partnership with Newcastle Brown Ale. If you enjoy this article, won’t you be a doll and watch a TV […]
  49. ‘I think coolness is kind of the death of good television.’“I think coolness is kind of the death of good television. I think if you’re too concerned with being cool or hip or liked, you can’t really […]
  50. Get Excited for Ron Swanson to Get DomesticHere’s a fun little chestnut from Parks and Rec’s Nick Offerman, talking about what to expect when the show returns for its fourth season this […]
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