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  1. conversations
    Mike Schur on How Following the Rules Led Him to The Good Place“When I was a kid, I would learn rules and I would just say, ‘Okay, that’s the rule,’ and I would just do that.”
  2. fan theories
    Jean-Ralphio’s Dad Really Is Steve HarringtonPrepare to walk through a wormhole.
  3. chat room
    Jason Schwartzman Loves Girls, Parks and RecIt took him “years” to finally get his guest role.
  4. creation myths
    Rob Lowe Explains the Origin of ‘Literally!’“I don’t think it’s as good as ‘What’chu talkin’ ‘bout, Willis,’ but it’s up there.”
  5. parks and recreaton
    Behold Leslie Knope’s Endless Canon of ImpressionsIs that Leslie Knope or the Terminator? We may never know.
  6. ron swanson
    Watch Ron Swanson Wrestle Tom HaverfordThe Masked Mustache lives!
  7. game of thrones
    See Game of Thrones House Sigils for Other ShowsHouse Tanner!
  8. party chat
    Amy Poehler Explains the ‘Headboard of Infamy’“I don’t know what it is!”
  9. the game
    Compare the Pickup Styles of New Girl’s Schmidt and Parks and Rec’s Tom Haverford Watch and learn. Or maybe just watch.
  10. knope 2012
    Leslie Knope Just Landed a Real-Life Union EndorsementAnd they offered her waffles.
  11. psas
    Nick Offerman Is on Twitter NowRon Swanson! In 140 or less.
  12. parks and recreaton
    See Leslie Knope As Rosie the RiveterPoehler for Prez!
  13. parks and recreaton
    See a Very Funny Parks and Recreation GIF From Last Night’s EpisodeAndy FTW.
  14. parks and recreaton
    See Another Poster for Leslie Knope’s Campaign on Parks and RecreationGet it? Knope? Knope?
  15. ron swanson
    See a Ron Swanson DoppelgängerSWANSON WATCH in full effect!
  16. the amazing spider-man
    See Parks and Rec’s Jean-Ralphio As the Amazing Spider-ManAndrew Gar-who?
  17. parks and recreaton
    See Ron Swanson As the RiddlerAnd, what, Leslie Knope is Wonder Woman? (Actually, yeah, that would make sense.)
  18. ron swanson
    Listen to a Rap About Ron SwansonParks and Rap is more like it, right? … Anyone?
  19. downton abbey
    Visit Downton Pawnee, a Mash-Up of Downton Abbey and Parks and RecreationFinally, crossover programming we can get behind!
  20. parks and recreaton
    See All the Things Leslie Knope Is ‘Pro’Leslie Knope: Likes Stuff.
  21. parks and recreaton
    See the Parks and Recreation Cast Show Off Their Hidden TalentsChris Pratt swallows swords. Hehe.
  22. chat room
    Ben Schwartz on Parks and Rec, House of Lies, and Cute Animals on the Internet“Anytime you want to be happy, you can click on a video of a puppy farting in another puppy’s face.”
  23. ron swanson
    Check Out Some Ron Swanson–Themed Valentine’s Day CardsThe Internet’s favorite fictional folk hero rings in February 14 in his signature style.
  24. writing
    A Nick Offerman–Penned Parks and Rec Episode Is Coming Your WayMore tiny hats, please.
  25. parks and recreaton
    Visit Park-Z and Kanye-ation, a Blog That Mixes Watch the Throne Lyrics With Parks and Recreation StillsPart Parks, part Throne, all stuff your grandma wouldn’t be able to follow.
  26. parks and recreaton
    See a Real-Life Campaign Ad for Fictional Leslie KnopeFour more years (of Parks and Rec)!
  27. parks and recreaton
    Watch a Supercut of Parks and Rec’s April Ludgate Not Giving a Sh*tThe more she hates you, the more you love her.
  28. parks and recreaton
    See a Leslie Knope–Themed Word CloudGet inside Leslie Knope’s mind!
  29. parks and recreaton
    Watch a Spooky Parks and RecreationTwin Peaks Mash-UpThe opening credits of Twin Peaks gets the ol’ Pawneee treatment.
  30. aubrey plaza
    Watch Aubrey Plaza’s World of Warcraft CommercialMoody, sullen Aubrey channels … moody, sully April in a gaming geek’s mindsplosion.
  31. parks and recreaton
    See Game of Thrones–Inspired ‘Houses’ for Parks and Recreation CharactersWhat if your favorite Parks and Rec characters had “houses” like in your other favorite show, Game of Thrones?
  32. community
    See the Opening Credits to Community Modeled After Parks and Recreation’sYour favorite show adopted the look of your other favorite show’s opening credits.
  33. clickables
    See an 80s Movie Poster Featuring Adam ScottAn eighties movie poster with Ben Wyatt? It could happen.