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  1. underrated
    What Joe Schmo 2 Taught John Levenstein About Crafting Surprising ComedyThe Kroll Show and Arrested Development writer-producer breaks down this reality-TV gem.
  2. vulture lists
    The 8 Best True-Crime ParodiesAmerican Vandal isn’t the only one!
  3. The ‘unSOLVABLE’ Talents of Betsy Kenney and Dara KatzWe’ve called them “Genre Queens,” and we stand by it. Between Bounty Hunters , The Place We Live (TPWL), and now unSOLVABLE, co-creators […]
  4. dancing dirty
    11 Ways the Dirty Dancing Lift Has Been Used in TV Shows and MoviesIn the 30 years since Dirty Dancing’s release, a lot of people have used the film’s signature move.
  5. ‘PatriotHole’: How the Fake News Makes Fun of Fake NewsDoug Baxter is close to figuring out what the Clinton Foundation is really up to. He’s still connecting the dots, but so far it seems that the […]
  6. videology
    Jay-Z’s New Video Stars Issa Rae, Jerrod Carmichael in a Black Friends ParodyIssa Rae, Jerrod Carmichael, Lil Rel, Tessa Thompson, Tiffany Haddish, Lakeith Stanfield, and Hannibal Buress are all there.
  7. A Horrifying Parody Series That May Be TrueToday, Splitsider has the dubious honor of premiering the third and most recent episode of Modern Aliens: A Documentary Periodical, written and […]
  8. chat room
    How Weird Al Removed the Misogyny of ‘Blurred Lines’ by Adding Grammar LessonsWeird Al Yankovic explains how he took Pharrell and Robin Thicke’s rape-y hit and made a nerdy blast.
  9. good one podcast
    Weird Al on Turning Pharrell & Robin Thicke’s ‘Blurred Lines’ Into ‘Word Crimes’Weird Al discusses the intricacies of his process on Vulture’s Good One: A Podcast About Jokes.
  10. bite bite bite fight fight fight
    Itchy & Scratchy Get a Making a Murderer ParodyMousetrapping a Murderer
  11. inside amy schumer but out of the box
    Inside Amy Schumer Parodies The KnickIt really nails the hissy fits.
  12. Three Good Videos You Absolutely Haven’t Seen Isn’t the Internet a funny place? Sorry, let me be more clear. What I mean to ask is, isn’t it funny that, on the Internet, there lurks a […]
  13. My Favorite Genre Parody Sketch (Right Now)A few weeks ago, I covered iO sketch group Redford in all of their glory. This week, I’m back to celebrate Redford, even though I really don’t […]
  14. Remembering Garry Shandling’s Early Version of Larry SandersI would much prefer that the article I’m writing today was about an old episode of Letterman or Conan, but today we look back at one of the […]
  15. This Week in Web Videos: ‘Making a Murderer’ Parodies It’s been a week and a half since the holiday Netflix binge concluded, and I’m very surprised there aren’t more quality Making a Murderer […]
  16. really makes you think
    Kimmel Makes Force Awakens: Men’s-Rights VersionMay the mad trim be with you.
  17. clickables
    Watch Lena Dunham’s (Fake) Zero Dark Thirty AuditionRelax, it’s a joke.
  18. drag queens
    Drag Queen’s Azealia Banks Parody Also Doubles As Savvy 2012 Rap-UpPeppermint throws shade at the Mayans.
  19. contest
    The Winner of the Beatles Holiday Parody Contest Is …And winner of a Beatles’ vinyl remasters boxed set.
  20. Watch a Taylor Swift–Breaking Bad ParodyThe mash-up of all mash-ups.
  21. See a Commercial for Adulthood, If Adulthood Were a Toy You Could Buy“Vehicles sold separately.” Or leased, depending on your “situation.”
  22. katy perry
    Watch ‘California Grrrs,’ a Dogs-Only Katy Perry ParodyLap it up.
  23. garfield
    Watch the Garfield Def Comedy Jam“Lemme tell you ‘bout this cat named Heathcliff. Just kidding, y’all!”
  24. bryan singer
    Watch Director Bryan Singer React to YouTube Parodies of His MoviesHow does it taste, Singer?
  25. lmfao
    Watch an LMFAO Parody About LunchFair enough: lunch is the best.
  26. instagram
    Discover ‘Instagram Snap,’ a New Instagram ToolEarly bird FTW!
  27. the hunger games
    Watch a Trailer for ‘The Hipster Games,’ a Spoof of The Hunger Games“I just really miss brunch.”
  28. dance moms
    Watch a Dance Moms Parody, ‘Dance School’“I’m out for blood in the Little Miss Jazz pageant.”
  29. 2 broke girls
    Watch a Seething-Mad Fake Commercial for 2 Broke Girls (NSFW)“Look! It’s a nerdy Japanese guy!”
  30. nicki minaj
    Watch a Pretty-Much-Unbearable Christian Parody of ‘Super Bass’God issued a response: “Wow. This is … something. Yeah, I don’t really know what to tell you.”
  31. robyn
    Watch a Guy Parody Erato’s Cover of RobynEat your hearts (and yogurt containers) out, Erato.
  32. the real housewives
    Watch The Real Housewives of South Boston’s Christmas SpecialIt’s Christmastime in the city, and the city is “Southie” Boston, so lower your expectations.
  33. clickables
    Watch ‘Straight Outta Dunwoody,’ a Rap Ode to the Gated CommunityMajor sweater game in this one.
  34. clickables
    Watch an Extremely Unfortunate Sorority-Recruitment Rap VideoFrom the University of Alabama.
  35. clickables
    Watch the Moving Trailer for The Man Without a Facebook“Once in a while a friend request will come along that will change your life forever.”
  36. clickables
    Watch Jason Alexander’s Heartfelt PSA for the Netflix Relief FundFor only $6 a day, you can change a ‘West Wing’ addict’s life.
  37. clickables
    Watch Breaking Bad, Starring Bill Nye the Science GuyLearning is fun!
  38. clickables
    Watch the (Fake But Funny) Tori Spelling Episode of HoardersNext on Sally’s list: Ina Garten.
  39. clickables
    Watch the Harry Potter Parody of Kanye’s ‘Monster’Lucius Malfoy shines.
  40. clickables
    Watch Taylor Lautner Fix the NFL Lockout in Field of Dreams 2From Funny or Die.
  41. clickables
    See a Commercial for ‘Drug,’ the Revolutionary New Pharmaceutical Breakthrough“A vague statement about a better life … or something.”
  42. clickables
    Watch Will Ferrell, Will Forte, and Other Comedians Explain the ‘Manifesto for Conscious Men’Dear Woman, Free yourself!
  43. clickables
    Consider the ‘Brian Williams for President’ Grassroots Movement[Explosions!]
  44. clickables
    Check Out the Latest Ad From the British Columbia Tourism BoardThey let you bone in the street.
  45. clickables
    Watch The Onion’s Highly Informed Green Lantern Review“Suddenly, boom, he’s the Green Lantern, and he’s forced to…deal with something, I’m not really sure.”
  46. clickables
    Watch Adult Ferris Bueller Attempt to Take Another Day OffThat Cameron-as-Sloane’s-dad voice is spot-on.
  47. clickables
    Watch (Fake) Jesse Eisenberg’s New Tween Girl Talk Show, ‘Staying Positive’“Um, a complicated relationship is, I think, a deep one.”
  48. clickables
    Watch ‘Whole Foods Parking Lot,’ a Rap Video About the Challenges of Grocery ShoppingQuinoa, clipboards, and parking-spot drama.
  49. clickables
    Watch a Geeky But Clever X-Men ‘Born This Way’ ParodySir, can you lend your helmet to Fassbender for the next movie?
  50. clickables
    Watch an Unfortunate Bruins-Fan Parody of ‘We R Who We R’Only so much blame can be placed on the source material.
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