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  1. #metoo
    Elisabeth Moss, Tyra Banks, and More on What’s Changed in Hollywood Post-#MeToo“I would say the way certain male directors have spoken to me is different.”
  2. party chat
    We Quizzed Helen Mirren on Her Most Famous Lines — and She Only Missed One“My brain’s like a sieve, I probably won’t remember any of them!”
  3. A Wrinkle in Time’s Storm Reid Confirms What You’ve Always Hoped About OprahAt the Black Panther premiere, the actress talked about her co-star’s secret talent.
  4. party chats
    Outlander’s Sam Heughan Wants to Time Travel to MarsCaitriona did not choose Venus.
  5. party chats
    The This Is Us Cast Cries When They Watch the Show Too“Enough of the torture!”
  6. party chats
    Iman Teases Lena Dunham on the Whiteness of Girls in One Perfectly Pitched Joke“I’m not actually Lena Dunham. I know it’s hard to tell us apart.”
  7. party chats
    Andrew Rannells Explains How Not to Shoot a Sex SceneLess talking.
  8. party chats
    Girls Will Re-create Marnie and Desi’s Butt-Play Scene From a ‘Different Angle’And this time, it’ll be with Ray.
  9. party chat
    Stranger Things Was Originally Going to Be More R-rated“Winona’s character was like, ‘Eff this, eff that!’ It felt a little bit unnecessary.”
  10. party chats
    Viola Davis Won’t Dignify a Trump Question By Talking About Him“I will, believe it or not, remove Trump from the equation, because it’s bigger than him.”
  11. party chats
    Damien Chazelle Reveals the Movie That Influenced La La Land’s EndingIt’s a 1927 film called 7th Heaven.
  12. party chats
    Greta Gerwig: Meryl Streep Is Critic-Proof“I often wonder, do they ever get insecure?”
  13. party chats
    RuPaul on Donald Trump’s Election: ‘It Feels Like the Death of America’“I’m still so heartbroken over it.”
  14. party chats
    Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’s Champlin Teases Finale“A lot of people who are gonna be like, ‘Whaaaaaat?!?’”
  15. party chats
    Lion’s Sunny Pawar Deserves an Oscar for CutenessThat’s a thing, right?
  16. party chats
    Yep, Tony Hale Realizes Veep Is Starting to Get a Little Too Real“We’re gonna have a political comedy on CNN.”
  17. party chats
    Caitlin Fitzgerald’s Parting Words to MoS Fans“We went four seasons, so I’m counting us lucky.” 
  18. party chats
    Broadway Stars on Trump’s ‘Safe Space’ TweetA safe place: Not if Patti LuPone’s onstage!” 
  19. party chats
    NPH: Hamilton Has Nothing to Apologize For“I didn’t find what was said at all offensive or mean.”
  20. party chats
    Aronofsky’s MaddAddam Not Moving Forward at HBO“We are still in play.”
  21. party chats
    Carrie Fisher Now Says She Doesn’t Think Trump Used Cocaine at the DebateWalking back a tweet.
  22. party chats
    John Krasinski Is Still BuffIt’ll be perfect for when he starts shooting Jack Ryan.
  23. party chats
    Miles Teller Is Going Duck HuntingJonah Hill: “I’m not a big fan of them.”
  24. party chats
    Sheldon Harnick on His Tony Lifetime AchievementThe 92-year-old lyricist was honored at Sunday night’s ceremony.
  25. party chats
    Tori Spelling on Remaking Mother, May I“Remember that time I got to do a movie with James Franco and projectile vomited all over the place?”
  26. speeeech!
    Read Danai Gurira’s Advice to Female Writers“The first thing, young female artist: Have a vision.”
  27. party chats
    Emilia Clarke and Sam Claflin Pranked Each Other“Sam stole all of the furniture out of my room.”
  28. party chats
    Russell Crowe Explains His On-Set Injuries“The disintegrating hip goes back to a fall that I had on Gladiator.”
  29. party chats
    Hamilton’s Daveed Diggs Will Vomit for the Youth“I was sick as a dog and showed up there at 10 in the morning anyway.”
  30. party chats
    Lin-Manuel Miranda Freaked Out Over Hot SauceIt’s all coming up Cholula.
  31. party chats
    Priyanka Chopra on Playing the Baywatch Mean Girl “I’m the interruption in their slow-motion running.”
  32. speeeech!
    Tina Fey: Bob Greenblatt Gave Great UKS Notes“I have to say that Bob gave us the most succinct and cogent notes I have ever received from any executive on any project.”
  33. party chats
    3 Times Emmanuel Lubezki Got Emotional With Director Alfonso Cuarón“I’m soft.” 
  34. party chats
    De Niro & Foster on Taxi Driver 40th Anniversary“The mohawk was something that Marty and I came up with.”
  35. party chats
    Gina Gershon Turned Down Prince’s Purple Rain“There’s a purple limousine waiting for me — a stretch.”
  36. party chats
    Jodie Foster Says Jonathan Demme Is Her ‘Favorite Female Director’“I don’t think there’s some kind of big plot to keep women down.”
  37. party chats
    Tina Fey Loves PVOJ and Sarah PaulsonAnd that time Fey played Marcia Clark.
  38. party chats
    Catastrophe’s Sharon Horgan on How to Make a Boner Pop Onscreen“It’s hard to give a man a pretend boner because they’re like, That looks really, not quite big enough.”
  39. party chats
    How Carrie Fisher Joined Catastrophe“I turned to Rob, and I went, That’s your awful mother!”
  40. party chats
    Alan Ball: Six Feet Under’s Finale Still Makes Him CrySame.
  41. party chats
    Zoë Kravitz Was One of Desi’s 7 Ex-GFs on GirlsIn a deleted scene, as the girl who got away.
  42. party chats
    Danny Strong on the Gilmore Girls Revival and Reuniting With Paris Geller “It was as if no time had passed.”
  43. party chats
    Why Zoolander 2 Got Made Even Though the Original Made No MoneyCult sequel dreams do come true.
  44. party chats
    Melissa Harris-Perry on Beyoncé’s ‘Formation’: ‘It’s Like My Hamilton!’She relates it back to the activists at Ferguson.
  45. party chats
    Sam Bee on Diversity: ‘Just Hire People’“It’s not really the most complicated transaction.”
  46. party chats
    Seth Meyers on the Most ‘Ominous’ Thing Donald Trump Said After His Iowa Loss“Trump buys a farm and then just says, ‘Burn it to the ground,’ and makes the people of Iowa watch.”
  47. party chats
    Cecily Strong on SNL’s Paris Tribute: ‘It Was All Lorne’s Idea’“I was really honored to even have that opportunity.”
  48. anecdotes
    That Time Janis Joplin Made the Hell’s Angels Do Household Chores“Sometimes she was a giant.”
  49. party chats
    Judd Apatow: I’m ‘Terrible’ at Sex“I’m always between impotence and premature ejaculation.”
  50. party chats
    Silicon Valley Actors Did Hand-Job Math for NASA“Our biggest accomplishment is a joke about how fast we could masturbate every guy in an auditorium.”
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