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  1. vulture lists
    Every Jennifer Lawrence Performance, Ranked From Worst to BestWith Red Sparrow on its way to theaters, we rank all of Jennifer Lawrence’s big-screen performances, from Winter’s Bone to The Hunger Games.
  2. roll clip!
    Jennifer Lawrence Gives a YouTube-Star Audition With a Charity Wine VideoShe’s really committing to the Passengers apology tour.
  3. vulture festival
    See an All-Star Comedy-Voice Cast Read the Most Absurd Scene From Passengers“This was a real movie that people watched?!”
  4. what could have been
    The Passengers Bloopers Look Way Better Than the Actual MovieLaurence Fishburne says “Uranus.”
  5. backstory
    Director Ruben Östlund Had an Even More Twisted Idea for the Movie PassengersTake the ethical creepshow of the real movie, then add a family dynamic.
  6. troubleshooting
    Why Can’t Chris Pratt and J.Law Save Passengers?They’re the two most likable movie stars in the world — so why is their movie such a drag?
  7. who are we to judge
    Let’s Talk About the Ethics of Passengers’ Big TwistIn space, no one can hear you debate deontological ethics.
  8. review roundup
    The Meanest Lines From the Passengers ReviewsThe big twist only makes things creepy.
  9. movie reviews
    Passengers Is an Intriguing Space Romance That’s Sunk by Its EndingJennifer Lawrence acts her heart out.
  10. not a twist
    Wait, Passengers Is About What?It really isn’t the movie you expect it to be.
  11. last night on late night
    Chris Pratt Sends Parks Castmates Pics of Poop Unfortunately, a new toilet is getting in the way of his tradition.
  12. roasted
    Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt Trade Insults“How does it feel being in the stupidest Marvel movie?”
  13. affronts to common decency
    Chris Pratt Is Cropping J.Law Out of All His Photos, and Honestly, How Dare He?We thought you were the nice Hollywood Chris, Chris!
  14. roll clip!
    Watch a Very On-the-Nose Promo for PassengersSo much sex in space!
  15. trailer mix
    New Passengers Trailer: Come On, Guess the TwistThat Michael Sheen robot is kind of rude. Suspiciously rude.
  16. fall preview 2016
    Which Upcoming Movies Could Flop Harder Than Ben-Hur?There are echoes of Prince of Persia in one upcoming release.
  17. movies
    First-Look Images of Passengers Have LandedYou know, the movie Jennifer Lawrence got drunk and filmed a sex scene for.
  18. chris pratt
    Jennifer Lawrence Has Delightful Ways of Describing Chris PrattTwo super-likable people continue to be likable.
  19. money
    Why Jennifer Lawrence Deserves Every Penny of Her $20 Million PaydayIf anyone in Hollywood is worth a $20 million paycheck, it’s freaking Jennifer Lawrence.
  20. the industry
    J.Law Is Making More Than Her Male Co-StarShe’ll make $20 million for Passengers, plus a share of the profits.
  21. casting couch
    Rachel McAdams and Keanu Reeves to Fall in Space-LoveIn Passengers.
  22. the industry
    Industry Roundup: Swank, Hoffman, HopkinsPlus: Fox and Disney announce competing versions of ‘20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.’
  23. the industry
    Guy Ritchie Prefers British Detective to Blue AlienPlus: Gabriele Muccino will direct Keanu Reeves’s trip to space.
  24. right-click
    The Game: ‘The Black Liberace’?Plus: Hot Chip! T.I.! Hope Sandoval!
  25. right-click
    Pavarotti RIPDropkick Murphys? Pornographic indie rap? Yes and yes.