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  1. whoops
    Video Game Delayed Over Accidental Koran ReferencesLittleBigPlanet is coming a week later.
  2. math
    How Will NBC Cut $500 Million?Vulture has obtained a confidential NBC pie chart with the details on the network’s upcoming budget cuts.
  3. ghostbusters
    Seth Rogen Practically Confirms That He’s Starring in ‘Ghostbusters 3’He needs to stop sending us mixed signals.
  4. surprise!
    Terrence Howard’s Replacement in ‘Iron Man 2’ Is News to Terrence HowardJust like we did, he read it in ‘Variety.’
  5. the industry
    Hugh Grant Bumbles His Way Out of a Movie RolePlus: Nick Fury to have a bigger part in ‘Iron Man 2’?
  6. closings
    ‘Spamalot’ CannedThe last performance is on January 18.