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Patricia Field

  1. the industry
    ‘Glory Days’ Has Its Glory DayPlus: John Waters calls Johnny Knoxville a ‘Fruitcake.’
  2. news reel
    Eighties TV Update: ‘Equalizer,’ ‘Max Headroom,’ and ‘Sledge Squad!’ Could HappenWe got it from the mouths of various horses!
  3. vulture picture palace
    Filmmaker Sky Hirschkron’s Three-Way Phone CallDon’t be put off initially by the austere, quiet nature of Sky Hirschkron’s You Called Me, an endearingly sad little film about a young Japanese man bouncing between two girls over the course of a day.
  4. quote machine
    Just Because Tommy Chong Is High Right Now Doesn’t Mean He Can’t Fix the EconomyPlus: Sean Young!
  5. apropos of nothing
    This Is the Least Funny Comic Strip Ever PublishedLook, we understand it’s probably tough to think of “Love is…” ideas every day, but, dear God, what is happening in yesterday’s strip?
  6. quote machine
    Jennifer Love Hewitt’s Body Is Not a WonderlandPlus quotes from Nick Kroll and Wes Anderson.