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Patrick Carney

  1. the videodome
    The Black Keys Are Back, Turn It Up to 11The boys want us to boogie down to “Wild Child.”
  2. superlatives
    The Most Underrated and Satisfying of the Black Keys, As Told by Patrick Carney“When we started, we never even intended to be a type of band that sold a couple thousand records.”
  3. where’s the beef?
    Gaga, Ronson Slam Patrick Carney After DissHas no one learned?
  4. where’s the beef?
    Jack White May Have Actually Tried to Fight the Black Keys This Time [Updated]Patrick Carney says White tried to fight him in a bar. White says that’s not what happened.
  5. beef
    Patrick Carney Spent His Weekend Taunting Bieber Fans on Twitter“I do it for the mony and the swag.”
  6. beef
    Uh-oh, Justin Bieber Is Trying to Fight the Black KeysStop.
  7. chat room
    Black Keys’ Drummer Patrick Carney on ‘Brothers’The goofy musician talks hangovers, working with Damon Dash, and making a reality show starring Kirk Cameron.