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Patrick Leahy

  1. donations
    DNC, Cory Booker, Multiple Senators No Longer Want Harvey Weinstein’s MoneySenators Warren, Booker, Schumer, and more plan to give Weinstein’s donations to charity in the wake of sexual-harassment allegations.
  2. quote machine
    Patrick Leahy Hasn’t Seen a PG-13 Movie in a Long TimePlus: Gillian Anderson was as confused by ‘The X-Files’ as you were.
  3. news reel
    What Is Senator Patrick Leahy Doing in ‘The Dark Knight’?Talking tough on terror! ‘We won’t be intimidated by thugs!’
  4. apropos of nothing
    Who Will Condoleezza Rice Play in ‘The Dark Knight’?Being smart-alecky writers, we’ve dreamed up a few roles we can imagine certain politicians playing in future Batman sequels.