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Patrick Stump

  1. letters
    Patrick Stump Is Having a Hard TimeAnd writing letters about it on the Internet.
  2. chat room
    Patrick Stump on Leaving Fall Out Boy, Losing Weight, and ‘Betting the Farm’ on His Solo Album“I’m kind of gambling everything on this. If it doesn’t take off I’m gonna go broke, and I don’t care.”
  3. quote machine
    Seth Meyers Would Prefer Not to Think About All the People He’s Inspired to Eat Ham in the BathroomPlus: ‘Chinese Democracy’ not yet done?
  4. right-click
    Kanye Gets StumpedPlus: Eddie does Trent!
  5. right-click
    Bobby Digital Returns!RZA is back with a new song from his upcoming solo album, Animal Collective are a bunch of hippies, and, against their better judgment, the Roots let that guy from Fall Out Boy sing on their album.
  6. the early-evening news
    Vulture Makes ‘Kid Nation’ a Hit!It’s true!
  7. quote machine
    Fallout Boy Singer Sick of Hearing About Pete Wentz’s Nudie Pics