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  1. obits
    Labelle Singer Sarah Dash Dead at 76Patti LaBelle remembered her collaborator as “an awesomely talented, beautiful, and loving soul.”
  2. extremely online
    Patti LaBelle on Her Republican Nephew: ‘I Didn’t Choose My Family’“I love Billy. He has a Republican mind. And, guess what? I don’t.”
  3. vulture investigates
    How Patti LaBelle’s Alleged Nephew Broke TwitterThis is exhausting.
  4. exclusive
    Watch Dolly Parton and Patti LaBelle Turn Their Acrylics Into InstrumentsIn a clip from 1987.
  5. review
    The Patti LaBelle–Gladys Knight Verzuz Was a GiftThe collard greens practically made themselves.
  6. verzuz
    Patti LaBelle’s Shoes Flew Off to Heaven During Verzuz Battle With Gladys NightHer heels went as high as those notes.
  7. verzuz
    Gladys Knight’s Pipes Take on Patti LaBelle’s Pi(p)es in Legendary Verzuz BattleThe battle between the Lady of the Pips versus the Lady of the Pies goes down on Sunday, September 13.
  8. legends
    Patti LaBelle Was ‘Hot As Hell’ in Masked Singer Costume But Dammit, She Went OnNot all heroes wear capes. Some wear masks.
  9. last night on late night
    Patti LaBelle Is Still Waiting for Elton John to Return Her TupperwareRude.
  10. aretha franklin
    Patti LaBelle Gives Aretha Franklin a Fitting Diva Send-off, Puts Feud to Rest“I am deeply saddened about the passing of the Queen of Soul and my sister in song, Aretha Franklin.”
  11. reaction gifs
    Sam Smith Called Himself a ‘Dick Monster’ in Front of Patti LaBelleShe was, um, very surprised.
  12. follow-ups
    We Finally Know How Patti LaBelle Feels About Aretha Franklin’s RetirementInspired by Vulture’s deep and important journalism, the Kansas City Star asked LaBelle how she feels.
  13. beef
    What Does Patti LaBelle Think About Aretha Franklin’s Retirement?Aretha Franklin has announced that she’s retiring. Congratulations to Aretha, of course, but what does this mean for her diva arch nemesis?
  14. patti labelle
    Viral Star Has Thanksgiving With Patti LaBelleThey sampled her pie. Of course.
  15. Don’t Strip on Patti LaBelle’s G*ddamn Stage“I am Not Nicki Minaj,” she scolded a fan who got a little too loose with his shirt.
  16. in da club
    Patti LaBelle Did 50 Cent’s ‘In da Club’ on DWTSGo shorty.
  17. casting couch
    Patti LaBelle Has Joined the Cast of American Horror Story: Freak ShowShe won’t sing, unfortunately.
  18. encounter
    Patti LaBelle on After Midnight, Young SingersA meal with the legendary singer, before she performs in Broadway’s After Midnight.
  19. mariah carey
    Watch Patti LaBelle Make Mariah Carey CryAnd then a hero comes along, and Mariah loses it, but wouldn’t you?
  20. r&b
    Behold the Newest Installment of ‘Got 2 B Real,’ a Web Series That Dubs Over the Voices of R&B GoddessesPatti LaBelle calling Aretha’s hair a “deceased abracadabra”? Yes please!
  21. Watch a Supercut of Divas on DivasFourFour’s mad Internet scientist Rich Juzwiak compiled a supercut of VH1-trademarked “divas” dishing on other “divas,” and it’s good, bad, and ugly.